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Brand Protection Hologram Stickers

Custom holographic stickers protect your brand from counterfeiting, and enhance brand awareness.

Custom holographic labels keep brands and buyers safe from fraud

Why Use Holographic Labels

Types Of Holographic Stickers

We offer a wide range of custom hologram stickers to meet the specific requirements of our customers. These labels can be customized from material, size, shape, color to security features.

QR Code Hologram Stickers

Combining hologram and QR codes provide authentication and tracking of products.

Holographic Tamper Evident Labels

Hologram labels with tamper evident feature can greatly protect products from tampering and counterfeiting.

3D Hologram Stickers

Colorful and dynamic 3D stereoscopic effects make your products eye-catching and reinforce your brand image.

Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Hologram images can be easily hot stamped onto paper and plastic materials to help authenticate different items.

Powerful Security Features to Protect Your Brand Security

Multiple optical security features make it extremely difficult to copy or imitate your custom hologram labels.

UV-Fluorescent Ink

UV-Fluorescent Ink

See encrypted information under UV light, counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the hidden visual features.

Dynamic Guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

hologram stickers with covert security features

Hidden Text

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

New Arrival Custom Holographic Stickers

Custom logo hologram stickers integrate anti-counterfeiting, brand enhancement, and aesthetic appearance. It’s a great choice to combat counterfeit products. 

Hologram Labels Applications

We provide tailor-made solutions to minimize the negative impact of brand counterfeiting on your sales and reputation.

Professional Hologram Sticker Manufacturer In China

As one of the professional holographic stickers and labels suppliers in China, the only thing that Suzhou Image Technology still remained principle throughout is to honestly provide high-quality brand protection options that can meet customers’ specific needs.

The application of personalised holographic stickers not only adds a striking effect to your packaging but also protects the safety of brands and products. Because its production requires advanced dot-matrix machines and professional technicians, it is extremely difficult to counterfeit.

FAQ of Holographic Stickers

The use of hologram sticker label will make products harder to counterfeit. They can help brands and products tackled counterfeiting issues to some extent.

It is not impossible to counterfeit hologram products, but again, it has technical difficulty, not a simple thing. I believe that you must see a lot of news about making fake money, not to mention stickers.

These hologram stickers can be customized in distinguished sizes, shapes, designs, and color combinations. Your logo and name can be part of the hologram to improve the security.

We have rich-experienced design center, which is professional in hologram sticker design. Compared with the stock holograms, custom information offers a higher level of protection and make it much more difficult to copy.

Yes, we can do these stickers, adding an individual serial number on hologram labels can help manage and track the product of different batches. In addition, they can combine with a variety of other elements for anti-fake authentication and beauty purpose. Such as logos, QR codes, and barcodes.

The custom hologram label can be used on various substrates, including paper, plastic, glass, and wood items to help meet the purpose of brand authentication and product promotion.

Our holographic stickers are very easy to paste, they can be put on a verity of product surfaces by manually or special labeling machine, such as glass, paper, stainless steel, smooth or curved surfaces. Most of them are pasted by hand, if by labeler, our technicians will set the label gap and detailed parameters to match the corresponding equipment.

Yes, we have paper and PET materials for making holographic labels, some customers need to put the stickers outdoors, so it is recommended to use PET material because the raw material is polyethylene terephthalate with waterproof function ester. On sunny or rainy days,  the PET hologram sticker will not be destroyed, they can work as usual.

Our company has independently developed a series of stock hologram stickers. They have a small MOQ, an affordable price, and can be shipped immediately. Generic Design does not have any registration information and is available to any user. It’s pretty applicable to promotional gifts.

When purchasing hologram sticker products, it is recommended to pay attention to the company’s certification, such as ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 27001 (information security system), IHMA, etc. These certificates are the guarantee for the safety of the contract and the security of the products.

Suzhou Image Technology are headquartered in Suzhou, a city with a history of more than 2500 years, located east of China. With geographically advantage, as it’s in the center of Yangtz Delta Economy Zone, and close to Shanghai.

We provide security solutions for both governmental projects like driver license, passports, credentials and certificates, and commercial brand protection.

Explore More Personalized Holographic Stickers

Some necessary information and graphics are embedded in the hologram adhesive sticker, thereby further improving safety performance.

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 Focused on the optical security industry for more than 15 years. We are happy to share and look forward to more communication here.

A hologram sticker is an optical adhesive label that has colorful dynamic effects and is embedded with many security features.

Make holographic stickers requires advanced hologram equipment and specialist technicians, very difficult to imitate.

Holographic stickers can help enterprises establish brand images, give products unique identification, and combat counterfeiting.

Holographic label stickers have the characteristics of novel design, brilliant colors and strong anti-counterfeiting functions.

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