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Book Type Holographic Transfer Film

A thin hologram heat transfer film with high-security features is laminated to the individual page of the book type certificate, then the base film is peeled off, and only the optical security layer is transferred to the data page. Personal data is well protected underneath the optical security layer.

Play Video about book type holographic heat transfer film with aesthetic design and high security feature

Book Type Heat Transfer Film Features

Structure Graphic of Book Type Hologram Transfer Overlay

Print personalized information on pre-printed documents. After printing, transfer the book-type hologram heat transfer overlay with the customized micro-nano optical pattern on one side and hot-melt glue on the other side to the printed document, which can effectively prevent personal information from being tampered with.

Structure Graphic of Book Type Hologram Transfer Overlay

Laminating Process of Book Type Hologram Heat Transfer Overlay

Prepare book type hologram heat transfer overlay and printed certificates. Certificates and optical transfer film were bonded through laminating equipment, then PET film was released, transferring optical security patterns on documents under high temperatures.

book type heat transfer film in sheet form

Heat transfer film in sheet form

open the personal data page of book type certificates

Open the personal data page

align the security film with the data page

Align the security film with the data page

Lamination process through laminating equipment

Lamination process

Clear base film peeled off after lamination

Clear base film peeled off

book type documents with optical transfer film

Finished product

Powerful Security Features to Secure your Book Type Identity Documents

Multiple high-security features are integrated into book-type hologram heat transfer film to make your identity documents more secure and prevent personal information from tampering.


Ultraviolet Ink (UV)

UV ink is a widely used security feature on id cards. It's invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a UV light.

Dynamic Zoom in/out

The CHIN English word in the frame appears larger as you get closer; the word CHIN appears smaller as you get further away.

Optical Diffraction

The image will present stable color changes between red and green under high inclined angles. It's commonly used in documents security projects.

Book Type Hologram Transfer Film Applications

Book type hologram heat transfer film are usually used on visa information record page on book certificate, like Passport, seaman’s identity documents, and other book type credentials.

Technical Data Sheet of Book Type Holographic Transfer Overlay

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