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How do Holographic Stickers Work?

Hologram stickers are visually attractive, easy to verify, and difficult to copy. They can help companies establish a brand image and aesthetic value while giving a product unique identification and helping brand products fight counterfeit products.

It can often be seen that many products in different stores behave in exactly the same way. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to determine which one is authentic. However, if it is a product with a hologram sticker label, it is easier to identify whether they are original or fake.

hologram stickers help identify the authenticity of a product
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Enhance Brand Awareness and Value

Brands and products with hologram stickers indicate that the product is reliable and genuine. This will give a sense to customers that the manufacturer wants to provide good and authentic products, further trust your product and have a good impression of your brand.

Some brand messages, such as logos, texts, and graphics can be embedded into this hologram sticker design to increase brand awareness. People will recognize the brand itself soon after seeing the sticker.

hologram stickers with brand logo for security

Protect Brand Products Security

These holographic stickers are produced by professional equipment which can contain many security features, which are very hard to duplicate. Combined with custom information to further reduce the possibilities of falsification, and increase the security of brand and products.

Promotion & Decoration

The unique feature makes it possible to add a dynamic shiny effect to your current packaging and attract customers’ attention.

For example, some FMCG companies want us to create a series of promotional hologram stickers for their products as decoration, to grab customers’ eyeballs and increase the added value of products

Overall, holographic stickers are widely used and are very effective ways to protect, authenticate and promote products. No wonder they will be favored by various brands of products.

A YouTube Video of Holographic Stickers

This video will guide you to understand how holographic stickers protect products from counterfeiting and enhance brand awareness and creates value for a brand. So it’s a great solution that ingrates anti-fake and aesthetic effects. Not only be benefited consumers and the brand itself.


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