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Wallpaper Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

It’s a non-registered hologram foil which has a continuous design (wallpaper). Customized repeating logo pattern with unique invisible color visual effects meets special security requirements.

These wallpaper holographic stamping foil materials are suitable for cold and hot stamping and can be used in combination with flexo, offset, and screen printing for various packaging materials.

Play Video about wallpaper holographic foils for combinations of different printing processes

Wallpaper Hologram Stamping Foil Features

New Wallpaper Pattern Invisible Color Stamping Foil

This kind of wallpaper pattern holographic hot foil adopts a hidden optical color design, also known as invisible color stamping foil. Shows green and red color changes under reflected light. Good printability means it can be combined with different base colors. Besides common transparent, gold and silver color material, other green and purple colors are available. 

Metalized Wallpaper Holographic Foil

It’s metalized, on the foil, we can make various color printing layer. When rotate the foil, you can see hidden optical colors.

Transparent Wallpaper Holographic Foil

Foils are metalized with zinc sulfide which has a transparent appearance. Allowing readability of information under the foil.

Wallpaper Stamping Foil Applications

Our wallpaper holographic foil can be used for product packaging, prints, and crafts by hot stamping or cold stamping process. 

Available to combine with multiple printing processes for different requirements. Its application adds aesthetics and perceived value to your existing packaging products

Wallpaper Holographic Stamping Foil Material Supplier

Suzhou Image Technology has been engaged in the production of customized wallpaper holographic stamping foil for more than 15 years. We supply the foil material in rolls and accept customized rolls according to stamping requests. The customer determines the width of the foil, core, and rewind code.

After hot stamping, the final packaging product has a metallic and holographic finish, which creates an eye-catching look and high-quality feel for your products.

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