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Optical Hang Tags Solutions

Due to its attractive appearance and hard-to-counterfeiting features, our anti-counterfeiting products are available to work well with hang tags products to protect brand security. We can also offer entire security hang tags, including paper hang tags and optical security designs.

Why Do Your Hang Tags Need Security?

At present, hang tags have been widely used in many products, especially textiles, shoes and hats, and clothing industries. Facing the increasingly competitive market, more and more brand owners are gradually paying more attention to the anti-counterfeiting and protection of their own brands.

So how to make the hang tag more beautiful without changing the form of the customer’s existing hang tag product, and also have the feature of anti-counterfeiting?

For some of the specific needs of current brand owners, Suzhou Image Technology rolled out our holographic hang tags products. Thanks to their high-quality printing, distinctive design, eye-catching colorful optical effects, and high-security features will differentiate your brand and product from the competition.

a paper hangtag with an optical label

Anti-Counterfeit Hang Tags Make Your Brand From Fake

Suzhou Image Technology specializes in the development and production of holographic strips, optical holographic stickers, and optical texture pattern products. And overt, covert, and forensic security elements can be added to these products. Finally, it is combined with paper hang tag products to achieve the purpose of brand anti-counterfeiting.

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