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Security Solutions for Auto Parts Industry

Multi-level security elements are integrated into security holograms to help combat counterfeit auto parts products, protect the interest and safety of consumers, ensure the brand reputation of automobile manufacturers, and enhance their brand image.

Fight the Counterfeit Practices in Automobiles

Counterfeit car seats and knock-off car parts can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage to cars and can take shoppers for a ride that ends in disaster.

Counterfeit auto parts not only lead to serious hidden dangers of driving, but also causes inestimable economic losses to the enterprises, agents, and dealers who manufacture spare parts. This will not only seriously damage the corporate reputation and affect the credibility of the brand.

Suzhou Image offers unique security solutions to fight counterfeit practices in automobiles and protect genuine auto parts.

Provide a Complete Solution for Automobile Brands

Suzhou Image Technology provided automobile brands with a personalized security solution, including the supply of hologram stamping foil, printable optical stickers, hot stamping strips, pure optical stickers, and related product services.

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