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Genuine Hologram Sticker

Our company provides small-size hologram stickers with the words “SECURE GENUINE” on the background, which provides basic anti-counterfeiting features for the product.

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30micron PET


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit


Accept (Color, Size, Shape)




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


The hologram sticker has a repeating “GENUINE SECURE” in the background and two repeating patterns, a lens and a lock. Looking at this sticker from an angle, the elements have a sense of depth and are very shiny.

Especially the crystal clear water drop-like lens pattern is very eye-catching. It can add perceived value to a branded product. On the other hand, the complicated production process makes this genuine secure hologram sticker impossible to reproduce using a printer or copier, providing general security protection.

genuine secure hologram sticker for lip gloss products

Advantages of Genuine Secure Hologram Sticker

This 15mm dia genuine hologram sticker has an anti-tampering feature, which will lead to “VOID” is left behind as residues if someone tries to remove it. Thus, tamper evident hologram offers additional security to fight against fake products.

In addition, it also contains about four security technologies to increase security performance and enhance visual effects, such as lens, lock design, and rainbow colors.

15mm genuine hologram sticker with lock and lens pattern



Material 30um PET
Size/color/shape/ Customize
Logo Available to customize
Glue type Pressure-sensitive adhesive


Anti-tampering protection

Aesthetic appearance


MOQ 100K pcs
Supply form In sheet/roll
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, RoHs, IHMA
Sample Delivery on the same day

Security Features

  • 2D/3D Hologram for “GENUINE SECURE” – More than two flat images constitute a 3D scene, it has a 2-5mm depth of filed
  • Optical lens – Present a convex-concave effect, like a concave mirror.
  • Rainbow hologram – Under the different light angles, the “GENUINE”, “SECURE” and “Lock” will present different color changes.

four security elements that the small size genuine secure hologram sticker applied

In addition to the above anti-counterfeiting functions, it can also be customized according to the requirement.


Custom hologram stickers have become vital to many industries to prove authenticity. Small size design is applied to lip gloss packaging to make your products more refined and high-end. Here are some industries that can also use this kind of genuine hologram sticker.

Hologram stickers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetic & personal care and electronics

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