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Holographic Laminating Pouches

Holographic lamination pouches are not only used for national ID cards and driving licenses, they have been widely used in worldwide games, summits, accreditation, and events to protect event id credentials security.

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Holographic Pouches Features

Featured Hologram Laminate Pouches

Holographic laminated pouches are coated with EVA glue, which can make the card sleeve and the event ID firmly bonded together, and it is not easy to lift. It effectively protects your venue passes and personal identification documents from tampering and counterfeiting.

ID Card Lamination Pouch

Insert your ID card into the hologram lamination pouch for sealing. Optical pouches can help your cards against any alteration and duplication.

Hologram Butterfly Laminating Pouches

It is specially designed for Teslin substrate, and can be used to make borderless ID cards with Teslin paper. High security features enhance the security of your id cards.

Heat Sealed Laminating Pouches

Paper documents with personal data are inserted into the center of hologram heat seal laminate pouches to keep what you want more secure.

Hologram Hot Laminating Pouch

The hot lamination pouch film with holographic effects can be used to laminate parking permits to protect personal data from tampering and counterfeiting.

Powerful Security Features to Secure your Event ID Credentials

Several security features can be added to hologram laminate matte pouches to provide a high level of protection. Usually with IMAGE optical security printed on the front and UV ink printing and laser engraving on the back.

Rainbow Color

The word " Buenos Aires 2018" present dynamic rainbow color effect when viewed from different angles. It has Eye-catching visual appeal.

optical laminate pouches with UV ink printing

Ultraviolet Ink (UV)

UV ink printing is a widely used security feature on id cards. It's invisible to the naked eye and can only be detected under a UV light.

hologram laminate pouch with laser engraving

Laser Engraving

Specific patterns can be etched into the card body itself. Any attempt to change the engraved information will result in visually evident card damage.

Optical Glossy Laminate Pouches Applications

Optical laminating pouches have a glossy, durable finish and high anti-counterfeiting features, and are widely used in conference documents, pass documents, concert tickets, sports events, representative cards, interview cards, duty certificates, permits, accreditation, etc.

Customize Hologram Lamination Pouch Film

The hologram lamination pouch film is also called holographic card sleeve or security lamination foil. It’s divided into upper and lower layers. The front layer generally adopts physical optical security design, which has good transparency and does not affect the display of certificate information. The back layer is usually printed with some fluorescent ink. At the same time, it has a flexible size, simple certification machine, and other features. 

Suzhou Image Technology is one of many well-known suppliers of optical laminating pouch film in China. At present, our company has cooperated with more than 100+ government projects such as the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, National ID Card & Driver’s License.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our transparent laminating pouches with holographic logos are available to customize with different sizes, graphics, and thicknesses.

Place the venue pass between two clear laminating pouches and seal it with a hot laminating machine. (each set of holographic pouch comes with two pieces of hot laminated optical film.).

After fitting with the security credential, the information on the personal certificate is clearly visible. Provide easy-to-verify, beautiful-looking and high-security features for event ID credentials.


PET+EVA (Thickness in mil)

PET+EVA (Thickness in micron)


2 mil

50 micron


3 mil

80 micron


3 mil

75 micron


5 mil

127 micron


8 mil

200 micron


5 mil

125 micron


7 mil

175 micron


10 mil

254 micron


20 mil

500 micron


25 mil

635 micron

We offer laminated hologram pouches in various custom and generic versions. Because plastic pouches are mostly used in various large-scale events, summits, and ID card projects, most customers choose customized patterns and anti-counterfeiting functions.

Of course, the price is also quoted according to actual needs. If you want to know the detailed price, please tell us your specific project and detailed size requirements of the product.

Yeah, we can do hole punched hologram laminating pouches. Here enclosed a picture. 

heat sealed laminating pouches with front hologram image

Operational environment

Lamination temperature is 130°C – 150°C, speed is 10mm-15mm/S.

Ensure inner core material, thickness, size before sealing, pouch size bigger than inner core, each edge 5mm at least.

Storage environment

20°C – 30°C, Humidity 45%-60%

Executive standard

GB/T 16422.2-2014





Foggy white spots


Temperature not reached set data

Operate after laminator reach the temperature

Set temperature not enough


Set temperature to required for corresponding pouch thickness


Too high temperature

Set lower temperature

Laminator roller with impurities

Clean roller to ensure NO impurities

Pouch with wrinkles

Too high temperature

Set lower temperature

Laminator roller is uneven

Check roller is flat

Pouch not placed flat


Pouch placed flat and put pouch into laminator

Not laminated

Low temperature

Set higher temperature

Four sides not laminated or bubbles at the blank

Laminator roller pressure is not enough

Tighten roller pressure

Low temperature

Set higher temperature

Holographic gloss laminate pouches finished effect is closely related to laminator operation, please refer to these solutions to solve. Or contact us if need any help.

Peel strength after lamination

0.65 gf-1.0gf/mm

Adhesion Test Procedure (ASTM)

5 B

Surface hardening

1 H

Surface scratch resistance

Ethanol 30 times; Corrugated paper 50 times

Xenon lamp aging

24 H

Hydrothermal aging

24 H

Due to the advancement of technology, above indicators may be further improved and optimized, please contact our sales engineer to confirm.

Above index is the typical value but not guaranteed value, only for reference. The specific index is subject to the contract.

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Suzhou Image offers ID badge laminating pouches for the 2019 7th Military Word Games.

These pouches can be used to laminate documents, event ID badges, and parking permits.

Image Technology provides hologram glossy laminating pouches for the 2023 CAC games.

Many major events use holographic laminating pouches for security purposes.

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