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Hologram Barcode QR Code Sticker

The holographic QR code barcode label can be used on various substrates to help protect and authenticate different items. Strong anti-counterfeiting, easy to apply, easy to verify (using a Smartphone or scanning device)

Additional information


30micron PET


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit


Accept (Color, Size, Shape)




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


We offer holographic stickers with QR codes and barcodes to give products a unique identity. Each barcode and QR code could be different according to your requirements. Hologram designs highlight your packaging, QR codes, and barcodes for easy identification.

20X43mm hologram barcode qr code sticker, accept custom logo

QR code and barcode can be printed onto the hologram custom sticker and offers a unique identity to the product. And we usually make a varnish coating over the code to strengthen the anti-scratch function.

details display of hologram qr code barcode sticker (1)



Material 30um PET
Size/color/shape Customize
Logo Available to customize
Glue type Pressure-sensitive adhesive



Brand protection

Aesthetic appearance

Printing information QR code/serial/random number/verify code/bar code
Code type TTR/UV/Laser numbering
MOQ 100K pcs
Supply form In sheet/roll
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, RoHs, IHMA
Sample Delivery on the same day

Security Features

Features of Holographic Barcode QR Code Label

The hologram barcode QR code label has a beautiful appearance and good anti-counterfeiting performance.

  • The dynamic guilloche pattern presents a colorful dynamic change line, that adds an eye-catching feature to your product packaging.
  • The word “ORIGINAL” gives you a sense of 3D depth in space.
  • Variable QR code and barcode for authentication
  • Sophisticated security features, such as covert and forensic techniques.

hologram barcode qr code label security features


Holographic QR barcode stickers can be affixed to many items to ensure that these products have not been counterfeited. They are commonly used in coupons, tickets, advertising, and many other areas to prevent them from being counterfeited.

applications of holographic barcode qr code sticker

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