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Identity Documents Security

Suzhou Image Technology provides tailor-made overall solutions to protect and verify ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, visas, and certificates. Effectively protect them from any form of tampering and counterfeiting.

Secure Identity Protection

In recent years, There are many incidents of fraudulently using other people’s documents to engage in some illegal activities. Fake identity and travel documents not only cause economic losses to countries and individuals, but also expose national security to potential crises.

Identity documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, visas, ID cards and birth certificates, contain a large amount of personal information. Therefore, there are higher requirements for their security, authenticity and non-replicability.

security hologram id cards with printed persona

High Security Features to Protect Identity and Travel Documents

Secure identity consists of two parts: an ID document with personalized information combined with an optical security pattern. Suzhou Image provides optimized and competitive security solutions to protect ID cards and identity documents from being forged and ensure their authenticity. Moreover, the surface of optical pattern has special coating, so that it has strong wear-resistant and scratch-resistant feature.

embedded IMAGE optical technology for Identity Cards protection

Identity Cards

Embedded laminate overlay with sophisticated security features, which provide high-level protection for identity documents. Applicable to national ID cards, social security cards, medical cards, residence permits, etc. 

Driver's License

Various embedded and surface-applied patch film solutions are applied to various card substrates, such as teslin, security paper and plastic cards. Covert and forensic features take security to a maximum level.


Use holographic transfer film onto the passport data page, making passports easy to authenticate and difficult to counterfeit. Have roll supply and sheet supply two options.


Entry visas with SZIMAGE’s advanced optical technology are highly secure and reliable. Optical hot stamping foils on visas can resist 200℃ high temperatures during the laser printing process.


Using the hot stamping process, highly secure labels can be hot stamped onto various birth certificates, marriage certificates and breeder’s documents to prevent counterfeiting and tampering.

Polycarbonate ID cards and driver licenses protected with SZIMAGE technology

National ID cards with IMAGE optical features

National ID Cards with IMAGE Technology

Driver License with IMAGE Optical Features

ID Pouch with IMAGE Optical Features

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