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Hologram Security Stickers

Security stickers are difficult to copy and you can also get yourself a custom security sticker with your brand name or company information.

hologram security label with tamper evident feature

Why Use Hologram Security Labels

New Arrival Hologram Security Label Sticker

There are many different types of security labels that can be chosen to protect your products. They have a shiny appearance that changes color as you move your angle of sight.

QR Code Security Label

Individual QR code can be printed on the hologram security label, thus providing double-edged security to the product.

Hologram Barcode Security Labels

Hologram security labels along with barcodes on numerous items are used to make sure that nothing gets counterfeited.

Tamper Evident Security Stickers

This security sticker is tamper evident, it will show clear evidence of tampering and residues if removed.

Hologram Honeycomb Security Sticker

If someone tries to remove this holographic security sticker, a honeycomb shape residue appears.

Powerful Security Features to Protect Your Brand Security

Multiple optical security features make it extremely difficult to copy or imitate your security labels stickers..

UV-Fluorescent Ink

UV-Fluorescent Ink

See encrypted information under UV light, counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the hidden visual features.

Dynamic Guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

hologram stickers with covert security features

Hidden Text

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

Affixing a holographic label to every product means giving a product unique identification, It’s often used for security purposes, but adds eye-catching features to product packages at the same time.

Holographic Security Labels

Your safety is very important to us, and we guarantee that our security labels are original and difficult to copy. They can be used in a variety of industries and can be pasted to any surface, including flat or curved packaging.

China Professional Holographic Security Stickers Manufacturer

Our company focus on the manufacturing of security stickers for more than 15 years, These security stickers can be tamper-proof, and they can be stuck to the seal area of a product to combat any form of tampering and counterfeiting.

In addition to security features, they also have a strong visual appeal, making your brand packaging attractive on the shelf as well as enhancing brand image.

FAQ of Hologram Security Sticker

Hello dears, our company has taken over similar projects before. Do you want to use the security sticker for the mobile phone’s warranty assurance?

We ever provided tamper-evident security labels with hologram images for customers. They intend to use these labels for devices that have sold, especially accessories. If the label is removed, there is no more warranty.

Yeah, our company offers personalised security stickers or ready-designed security stickers for you. We can add your brand information to it, and make your brand become a part of the sticker. Please send us your design file in AI, PSD, and CDR format, final hologram artwork will send you for approval in 12 hours.

Our security stickers are designed for a variety of applications and industries. You can see them in cosmetics, electronics, equipment and other industry products.

We can provide samples before the formal order, you can check the quality. If you make an order already, our sales will inform you of the whole production progress, and send the actual product pictures of every step.

And our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a strict quality control system to ensure every product delivered to our customers is qualified. Any piece of defective hologram security label products will be returned to our company and we compensate the same quantity.

1) Initial discussion about customer inquiry.

2) Send us the vector file of your logo. We make hologram design for your approval.

3) Confirm order spec and sign contract, authorization letter.

4) Payment and Production.

5) Delivery.

6) After sale service.

7) Repeat order.

order process of hologram sticker

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Our company has focused on the optical security industry for the best part of two decades. We are happy to share and look forward to more exchanges here.

Security stickers are a fast, easy, eye-catching way to promote your business and brand, or event. Dynamic colors are very easy to attract the attention of customers.

We suggest the design of security label should synchronize with your products and also match the packaging. Otherwise, it will affect the overall visual effect of the product.

Many enterprises use hologram security labels to protect their brands. When all industries don’t need anti-counterfeiting, we believe that it will be a bright future world.

Hologram security sticker are powerful and versatile. A basic background check must be done before buying them, which will help you find qualified and reliable suppliers.

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