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Security Solutions


security holographic laminates for national ids and travel documents

Sophisticated security features can be integrated into identity documents, including national ID cards, driver’s licenses, and residence permits, to verify identities.


security solutions for vehicle documents

Our company provides anti-counterfeiting solutions for vehicle registration and identification. Main products include car windshield labels and license plate labels.

Tax Stamps

High security holographic tax stamps to protect government tax revenues and fees

 Our duty tax stamp products combine multiple optical security technologies and authentication features, they are designed to protect tax revenues and fees.

Brand Protection

custom hologram stickers for brand protection

Our company offers complete customized security solutions to protect your brand’s logo, message, and product security, and prevent any form of counterfeiting.

Our Products

security id cards with embedded hologram overlays

Protect IDs from Counterfeiting and Tampering

optical tear tapes for various brand packaging system

Anti-counterfeiting and Easy Opening

customized hologram stickers for brand security and promotion

Brand Protection, Authentication and Promotion

3d sparkling magnetic holographic pigment

3D Magnetic, Sparkling and Dazzling Effect

About Us

Suzhou Image Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2006, and is a technology-based company which committed to manufacturing and sales of holographic stickers, holographic overlays, hologram laminating pouches, optical tear tapes, and holographic pigment. Our company aims to provide customers with one-stop security hologram solutions from design, mastering/hologram mould, production, shipment, and after-sale service.

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no ink printing security sticker with qr code

Enhance Your Business With Security Stickers

Our security stickers have a beautiful appearance and high-security features. Read more>>

If you are looking for an effective way to improve the security of your ID, then using holograms on your ID is a good solution.

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Generally speaking, id cards, some important documents, driving licenses, and passports are issued by the government. They contain many different levels of security features to prevent any possibility of tampering.

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As a packaging auxiliary material, tear tapes have always played an important role in the packaging industry. 

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Our hologram stickers can be printed with digital QR codes to help increase the difficulty and cost of forgery, and protect your business and products from fraudsters.

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