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Precision Luxury Nameplate Labels

Precision & Luxury label is a highly decorative nameplate logo label, through micro-nano texture processing, PVD vacuum coating, and other processes can achieve color, dynamic, stereoscopic, and metal texture effects.

optical nameplate labels with colorful metallic effects and friction resistance

Optical Nameplate Label Features

Featured Metal Texture Nameplate Labels

The metallic texture nameplate label can be used for mobile phones, pens, computers, and other consumer electronics, automotive car interiors, household appliances, high-end luxury wines & cosmetics top labels, luggage, golf supplies, and others.

Notebook Computer Nameplate Label

Uses micro-nano structure optical technology to create visual relief, dynamic, dazzling and other perceptions.

Automotive Interiors Nameplate Label

Applied to the car steering wheel, has a beautiful decorative effect, and plays the role of brand protection.

Cosmetic Nameplate Label

Special optical texture design adds a finishing touch to your cosmetic package and improves brand awareness.

Backpack Nameplate Label

Nano-level optical technology with 3D dynamic change adds shelf appeal and brand value to your backpacks.

Three Features to Enhance Your Brand

When applied to products, the high glossy nameplate label can improve the brand image and increase the added value of the brand. Meanwhile, It can be combined with a customized design to have high security and anti-counterfeiting effect.

micro-nano texture nameplate label with anti-counterfeiting feature

Micro-nano Techs

Nano-level microstructure presents 3D relief, color change and other optical effects. Meanwhile, it is difficult to imitate.

optical nameplate stickers with metallic luster

Metal Luster and Texture

Exquisite appearance, dazzling design, and metal texture highlight the brand and deepen the memory of consumers and users.

high glossy nameplate label with tailored design

Tailored Design

Support personalized logo design, brand elements can be embedded in the anti-counterfeiting nameplate label for promotion.

Professional Micro-nano Texture Nameplate Labels Supplier

Suzhou Image is a professional supplier of micro-nano texture nameplate labels in China. At present, our company has cooperated with more than 100 top brands, including laptops, automobiles and cosmetics.

We will continue to introduce new designs and styles, update and improve our production process, make our precision and luxury nameplate labels products better serve customers, increase the added value of their products, and bring more value to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The micro-nano texture nameplate sticker is made by using high transmission plastic PET material, the label size can be customized, and the finished product has a certain thickness, 50 μ m and above, with a strong metal texture.







PET/stainless steel/nickel

On sheet or in roll

Optical nameplates stickers have special requirements in terms of storage environment, executive standards, etc. Here are some using advice and analysis of some common questions.

Using Advice

Precast marking groove on the labeled goods

Storage Environment:

Environmental temperature within 20℃ -30℃, humidity within 45%-60%

Executive Standard

GB/T18734-2002 GB/T10456-1989


1、The labeled object surface dyne value is low, polluted surface caused warping and salient point.  
2、The big curved surface caused the thicker label easily warping.

The performance index of nameplate logo labels in the table is a typical value, not a guaranteed value, for reference only, the specific index shall be subject to the contract. Due to the progress of technology, the above indexes may be further improved and optimized, please consult the sales engineer for confirmation.

Initial Viscosity

3# steel ball

Persistent Adhesivity


180°Peeling Strength


Surface Hardness


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