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It is an ultra-fine anti-counterfeiting thread with a line width from 0.4mm to 1mm, mainly knitted into clothing woven labels for brand protection. For added security, brand logos, graphics, and personalized messages can be used as part of the holographic thread to enhance the brand.

ultra-fine holographic thread with customized texts

Why Use Holographic Thread

Featured Anti-counterfeiting Threads Products

They are both aesthetically pleasing and anti-counterfeiting thanks to the attractive appearance features of holograms and the embedding of advanced anti-counterfeiting elements. And the line width, color, and pattern can be customized.

0.7mm Security Thread

Ultra-fine shredding process, it is extremely difficult to imitate and highly secure.

0.8mm Security Thread

Striking visual appearance and covert security elements make it the first choice for woven labels.

1mm Security Thread

Knitted into hat woven labels to enhance brand image and prevent counterfeiting.

De-metalized Security Thread

Brand message can be integrated into the thread to protect and promote your brand.

Hologram Thread Parameter

Our company mainly provides hologram thread with unique widths, colors and patterns. And they can be packaged to roll with different lengths . Other specifications are available upon customer request. Generally security thread is less than 1mm, if you want a wider thread, you can visit our security tear tapes.

TypeMaterialWidthThicknessLength per Roll (mm)
Rainbow randomPET0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm36um2000, 5000, 10000
De-metalizedPET0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm36um2000, 5000, 10000
SilverPET0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1mm36um2000, 5000, 10000

Production Process of Optical Thread

We have passed ISO9001:2015 certification to ensure that our optical security threads delivered to customers are qualified. Suzhou Image Technology strictly controls each production step, from raw materials, making hologram images, embossing, adhesive, slitting, and rewinding to packaging.

special security thread machine for shredding process
use paper boxes to pack security threads

Anti-counterfeiting Thread for Security Authenticaion

Incorporated printing, micro text, nano text and de-metalized hologram into it to meet different levels of security applications.

nano text in micro text under high power microscope

Nano/Micro Text

Micro text is not readable to the naked eye, it requires a special device(magnifier) to observe the hidden information.

high precision de-aluminized technology

De-metalized Hologram

De-metalized hologram helps eliminate things that you don't want to appear in the optical image and keep the part your want.

integrating unique designs into the optical anti-counterfeiting thread

Unique Designs

Integrate unique designs into the optical thread to enhance brand image and improve the level of security. Thus deterring the counterfeiters.

Anti-counterfeit Thread Applications

Anti-counterfeiting threads are widely used in all kinds of clothing, shoes, hats, home textiles, and other woven labels and can be used as a security identification of brand products. It can be woven into the clothing fabric labels by a special machine to ensure your products’ security.

China Holographic Security Thread Supplier

Suzhou Image Technology is a professional holographic security thread manufacturer in china. Our company provides overall security solutions for garment and textile products from design, holographic mould, embossing, slitting, rewinding, packaging, shipping, and after-sales service.

The high-quality anti-counterfeiting hologram thread is washable and high-temperature resistant. The shredding thread can be as thin as 0.4mm, which is an accuracy that is almost unattainable by other suppliers. It can make your products look more exquisite and difficult to forge. Not only that, but we will also add many optical anti-counterfeiting elements to the high-precision security thread to further improve its security.

FAQ of Optical Security Thread

It can also be called woven yarn, which is linear, non-sticky, and washable. It is usually provided in roll form and is mainly used for weaving into woven labels of branded clothing for security and beauty purposes

Our holographic threads are available in different specifications, ranging in width from 0.4 to 1mm, please refer to this table. If you are not sure exactly the width that you should use, please contact our sales, they will give your advice.





Packing specification

Patterns register



36 um

0.7-1mm 36 um 1000m/roll 16roll/carton

Patterns random



36 um

0.7-1mm 36 um 1000m/roll 16roll/carton

Samples are available, please let us know your detailed requirements.

Without using a magnifying glass, we can see the graphic and text information on the thread with the naked eye when we are close to it. For presbyopia and myopia please wear glasses to read!

Of course, our technicians have done a professional washing resistance test on the optical thread produced by our company. Whether it is machine washing or manual washing, the optical security thread has complete pictures and texts after washing, and will not be de-aluminized and decolorized.

We have done the high-temperature boiling test of the holographic thread. After boiling at 100 degrees, the thread material is not deformed, and the anti-counterfeiting pattern and color are the same as before boiling. And they are as bright as before.

holographic thread with high temperature resistance

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Our company has focused on the optical security industry for the best part of two decades. We are happy to share and look forward to more exchanges here.

At present, more and more domestic and foreign clothing brands have begun to use these high-end security threads to protect their brand safety.

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