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Security Solutions for Cigarette Industry

SZIMAGE provides optical security tobacco packaging solutions with an eye-catching appearance. Ensure that authentic cigarette products get to your customers and create a good brand reputation. At the same time, protect the national tax revenue.

Why Attach Importance to Tobacco Brand Packaging

According to the latest statistics, about 400 billion tobacco are smuggled and manufactured counterfeited every year. International and national agencies have established regulatory obligations around the globe to stop this. These regulations range from reducing the consumption of tobacco products to protecting cigarette brands from counterfeiting.

Our company integrates our advanced overt, covert, and forensic security technologies to create elaborate packaging for your tobacco and cigar brand to combat counterfeiting and ensure that the government revenue from cigarette sales.

tear tape for cigarette box, easy opening and anti-counterfeiting

Provide Cigarette Manufacturers with a Complete Solution

Suzhou Image Technology provided tobacco brands with a complete security packaging solution, including the supply of tear tapes, holographic shrink film, tax stamps, tobacco blank, frame paper, inner liner, and related product services.

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