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Transparent Hologram Sticker

The holographic sticker is an effective combination of high brightness and security. The clear PET material ensures easy reading of product information below the hologram. It’s very suitable for products that need to be visible product information together with brand protection.

Additional information


30micron PET


Accept (logo/color/size/shape)


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


This transparent holographic sticker is our new version with the words “BEST QUALITY” printed on it. By using the optimum materials (DuPont), the sticker itself has better transparency and brightness, both beautiful and anti-counterfeiting.

Clear holographic stickers are suitably utilized with the products, where the product surface is needed to be visible along with the brand protection.

transparent hologram sticker for bottle body and package seal application

Features of Clear Holographic Sticker

Better brightness

Our raw material films used for producing transparent hologram labels are from DuPont, which have better transparency and brightness to present better optical hologram effects. Thus make your products different in the market.


Our company offers custom designs (including brand messages and logos) to improve security performance.

Tamper evident protection

This hologram clear sticker is made from tamper-evident material that further enhances security. Holographic tamper evident labels have some special features, if you try to remove it from its original location, the holographic image will break apart.

clear holographic stickers product details (1) clear holographic stickers product details (2)



Item Transparent holographic label
Size/logo/Color Customize
Material 30um PET
Glue type Pressure-sensitive adhesive


Tamper proof protection

Aesthetic appearance


OEM Accept
MOQ 100k pcs
Supply form In sheet/roll
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, RoHs, IHMA
Sample Delivery on the same day

Security Features

This transparent holographic label uses overt (rainbow relief, dynamic guilloche metal relief, 3D depth of field) and covert ( micro text). We have a dedicated technical team that can develop varieties of overt, covert, and forensic security features to cater to unique requirements.

25mm dia transparent holographic label with multiple optical features


Clear hologram stickers represent a unique type of hologram highlighting your product. They do not cover the product package they are stuck to, only add attractive holographic effects. So they are usually affixed to a range of package items, such as cosmetic bottle body, skincare & package seal products.

hologram clear sticker, affixed to different packaging

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