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Holographic Circle Sticker

Our round hologram stickers are designed with circuit diagrams and are suitable for various electrical and electronic products. Its application can help end users quickly verify counterfeit products and prevent potential dangers caused by the use of counterfeit electronic products.

Additional information


30micron PET


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit


Accept (Color, Size, Shape)




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


This circular holographic sticker has a circuit diagram as a background. When rotated, the sticker itself presents a rainbow holographic effect. Apply it to your product packaging and it will influence users’ perception of your product or brand with its high-quality look and feel.

circuitry pattern holographic circle sticker, available to customize

Besides visual appeal, our custom round hologram sticker is most commonly used for security reasons. They can be used in electronic boxes to help people with quick verification and prevent receiving counterfeit products.

In addition, there is a QR code area on the hologram logo sticker, and customers can verify the product by reading the QR code through a Smartphone, which is convenient and fast. Click the hologram QR code to view more related products.

custom round hologram sticker detailed pictures (1) custom round hologram sticker detailed pictures (2)


Material 30um PET
Size/color/shape/ Customize
Logo Available to customize
Glue type Pressure-sensitive adhesive


Aesthetic appearance


MOQ 100K pcs
Supply form In sheet/roll
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, RoHs, IHMA
Sample Delivery on the same day

Security Features

  • High-frequency rainbow hologram effect – Blue background, colorful dynamic change.
  • Hidden image – People can read the hidden image “OK” under the light source.
  • Sand silver dynamic line running effect.

round hologram stickers with overt and covert security features

In daily life, counterfeiters have long preyed upon consumers’ vulnerability in order to make a quick profit. As an anti-counterfeiting company, helping brands choose the right security solutions for them to protect their strong brand image is one of our main tasks.


Holographic round stickers designed for electronics are aimed to help customers identify counterfeit products, ensure they’re buying a genuine one, and protect themselves from harm and property damage.

circular holographic sticker for electronic packaging products

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