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Tax Stamp Solutions for Tax Revenue

Tax stamps are usually issued by the government and the state, and they can protect government tax revenues from counterfeit and smuggled taxable goods. Each tax paid product will be affixed with a fiscal stamp as proof.

Make Excise Collection Simple and Secure

Tax stamps, also known as excise stamps or duty stamps, are self-adhesive labels affixed to people’s daily consumer goods, such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, medicines, agricultural products (pesticides and fertilizers) , etc.

Taxes are a large part of government revenue. However, a lot of data studies have shown that the illegal trade of tobacco and alcohol products has caused huge tax losses to the government. At the same time, it also leads to some counterfeit and harmful products on the market.

Suzhou Image focuses on the production of holographic tax stamps, which are produced with advanced holograms, with colorful optical dynamic changes and high-level security features, this is unmatched by ordinary printed products.

optical duty tax stamp with high security features and dynamic color changes

High Security Features to Protect Revenue Stamp

A revenue tax stamp is a sign that the tax has been collected by a governmental authority, usually the tax revenue department. In some countries, only with an excise stamp authorized by the government, the products can be sold in the market. Our banderol stamps include unique optical features, variable QR codes and serial numbers for authentication and traceability, protecting government stamp duty revenue and maintaining market order.

holographic tax stamps for cigarette industry

Cigarette Industry

Cigarette tax stamps with a number of covert security features, which can be affixed to cigarette products to combat the sales and tax evasion of illegal and counterfeit tobacco products.

Medicine Industry

This tax stamp label with tamper protection and high security features, which are available for pharmaceutical industry to combat medicine counterfeiting. It provides evidence that the tax has been paid for taxable drugs.

optical tax stamp label for medicine box
hologram tax stamp for alcoholic drink bottles

Liquor Industry

A tax stamp will carry both QR code, barcode components for product authentication and government revenue protection. It can be used for all kinds of wine, liquor, beer, and other alcoholic drink bottles.

Agricultural Products

Duty stamps for agricultural products to ensure government revenue and prevent certain fake products from affecting agricultural development and endangering people’s health. 

Duty stamps for agricultural products

How Do Optical Fiscal Stamps Work?

As technology develops, anti-counterfeiting industries have made breakthroughs in how to make a high-security level optical fiscal stamp and make it more and more difficult to duplicate. In order to ensure governmental authority tax revenue and protect people’s life and health. Because smuggling cigarettes, alcohol, or pharmaceutical may be very harmful to our bodies.

Suzhou Image has been specializing in optical security technologies for two decades. Optical security is easy to identify by consumers, and with hidden information for authorities to check if the product is genuine or not.

These adhesive tax stamp labels with optical anti-counterfeiting technology are often used in combination with QR codes. The combination is an effective method to combat counterfeiting activities. Because a QR code is a digital authentication way to verify the products’ origin, manufacturers’ information, and so on. Optical security and QR codes have different functions and give a shield to the products when they are together.

As for the optical security, it’s very difficult to duplicate because it’s made of micro nanotechnologies, and the micron structure on the duty tax stamp is unique. To make a conclusion, technology is developing fast, and higher security features are more and more used for tax stamps. And Suzhou Image Laser is also a pioneer devoted to this industry, to fight against illegal activities.

unique QR code and serial number for authentication

Unique QR code and serial number for authentication and traceability

covert security features, hidden information is visible under laser pointer

Covert security features, hidden information is visible under UV light

honeycomb tamper protection, recognizable overt security element

Honeycomb tamper protection, recognizable overt security element

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