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Security Solutions for Vehicle Identification

SZIMAGE systems provides tailored optical security solutions for authenticating and tracking vehicle-related information such as registration, taxes and license plates. Thus reducing car theft and fraud. RFID chip can be embedded in vehicle tags for remote identification and tracking.

Ensure Government Revenue and Validate Vehicle Registration

Nowadays, vehicle management agencies are facing various challenges and problems, including various thefts related to vehicles, lack of insurance, and corresponding technical inspections. These problems on the one hand threaten the safety of the people, on the other hand, they have caused huge tax losses to the government.

Suzhou Image has developed a high-security vehicle identification solution. It can better track all relevant information about vehicles, motorcycles and trailers, and help identify whether the automobile has passed its annual inspection and paid insurance and road tax.

Integrating Advanced IMAGE Features to Vehicle Identification Labels

Vehicle identification tags contain complex optical security features and visual effects that are easy to verify. Can be used for car windshield or license plate area for safety protection. Chips or antennas can be combined with vehicle labels for remote authentication or smartphone app verification.

Windshield Solutions

Holographic windshield labels are generally issued by governments, it’s an excellent way to verify whether the owner of the motor vehicle has fulfilled his obligations in a specific area.

Windshield security labels are available for parking permit certificates, annual inspection projects, car insurance, road taxes documents, and other vehicle-related documents. And make sure that those cars have passed some inspections, payment of insurance, road taxes, etc.

Why to Choose Our Solutions?

Our company offers custom holographic windshield stickers with tamper evident protection. They are serialized, non-transferable, and highly secured. They can be directly applied on the inside of the car windshield for easy verification and legibility.

Security Features

The windshield hologram sticker is an excellent solution to authenticate vehicle registration number. It’s protected by various holographic elements and security printing features.

Car Plate Solutions

High security elements and premium plate material help to combat license plate trafficking. It provides an efficient way to legalize the car plate and ensure vehicle registration plates are highly secured and traced.

Car Plate Labels

SZIMAGE system ensure the production of vehicle license plates are highly secured and available to traceable. High security elements provide strong protection against counterfeiting. This is an effective way to legalize car license plates.

Security Features

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