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Holographic Hot Stamping Foil

Holographic hot stamping foil, also known as holographic foil sticker, can be easily hot stamped on paper, plastic, PVC, fabric and other surfaces.

roll form hologram hot stamping foil with mark registration

Why Use Holographic Foil Stamping

New Arrival Hot Stamping Holographic Foil

Incorporated with custom designs and logos, the hot stamping holographic foil become a security foil, which can protect brand products, paper certificate, id cards and important documents from forgery.

Hologram Hot Stamping Foil for Paper Certificates

Hologram hot stamping foils can be transferred to valuable documents and sensitive certificates for authentication.

Holographic Stamping Foil for CR80 ID Card

Holographic stamping foils can be stamped on kinds of id cards for security. It's very easy to apply by stamping machine.

Hot Stamping Hologram For Paper Hang Tags

Integrating hot stamped holograms into paper hang tags is a very effective security method for clothing brand.

Hologram Hot Stamping Sticker for Garments

This hologram hot stamp sticker is designed to be used on fabric and textile related products for security purpose.

Powerful Security Features to Protect Your Brand Security

Multiple optical security features make it extremely difficult to copy or imitate your hot stamp stickers.

Micron Text

For text or LOGO images with a height of 50~150um, it requires a 10-40 times handheld magnifier to observe the miniature information.

Dynamic Guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

Hidden Text

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

Explore More Hot Stamping Hologram

You can see each hologram image on the hot stamping hologram has a registered mark along with it, which can be used to locate the position of each holographic foil sticker, ensure the optical image can be accurately transferred to a required position.

Holographic Foil Sticker Applications

Hologram foil stickers use multiple security features and can be applied to some official documents, important certificates, id cards, plastic products and paper labels to enhance security and authentication.

China Professional Hot Stamping Foil Hologram Supplier

In the industry, we are one of the most known holographic hot stamping foil manufacturers. The holographic hot foil is usually provided in roll form, which is coated with a special adhesive coating so that the image can be transferred to the desired position.

By using a hologram hot stamping machine, the optical image from hologram foil can be transferred to various materials, such as paper certificates, stickers, plastic PVC cards, and fabrics.

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