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ID Card Security Solutions

We offer complete security solutions for ID cards including holographic overlays, pre-printed cards, printers, and laminators.

Laminating a holographic security film to your ID card protects your ID credentials from counterfeiting and tampering, making it more durable.

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Holographic Overlay Features

Featured Hologram Overlay Products

Suzhou Image Technology offers a wide range of embedded, surface-applied, and transfer type hologram overlays to protect your identity cards, driver’s license and other identification documents from tampering and fraud.

Embedded Laminate Overlay

Partially security pattern, the optical layer is embedded inside the id card, making your cards not easy to damage, increasing the security and durability of cards.

Hologram Laminate Patch

Patch-type lamination that cannot cover the entire card surface. After lamination, the card surface is highly scratch-resistant, which prolongs the life of the card.

ID Card Hologram Heat Transfer Film

Edge-to-edge lamination with an id card, the finished card has a seamless visual effect. The security layer is transferred to the card surface to protect personalized information.

Book Type Hologram Transfer Overlay

After the personalized information is printed, transfer the optical image to the book type document (like passports) to protect personal information from forgeries.

Powerful Security Features to Secure your ID Cards

Our hologram overlays are available with custom logo, text, and security elements. Multiple high-security features combined with a personalized hologram design make your ID cards and official credentials extremely difficult to copy.

hologram id card with back UV ink printing

Ultraviolet Ink (UV)

See encrypted information under UV light, counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the hidden visual features.

surface applied patch film for id card with 3D dynamic guilloche

3D Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with 3D dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, easily recognizable but difficult to counterfeit.

embedded security id card with optical diffraction tech

Optical Diffraction

The image will present stable color changes between red and green under high inclined angles. It's commonly used in documents security projects.

Hologram Overlays for Various ID Projects

Our transparent holographic overlays are compatible with a variety of PVC/PETG/PC id card substrates.

They can be added to any id card project that requires high-security protection to protect personalized data from counterfeiting and tampering.

Professional Holographic Overlay Film Supplier

Suzhou Image has been devoted to R&D and the application of optical security solutions for identities and documents. Our company provides one-stop solutions, including custom-made hologram overlays, pre-printed cards, printers, printing ribbons, laminators, etc.

As a thin transparent protective film, the holographic film overlay can be applied to ID cards, driving licenses, passports, and travel documents to protect personalized information from forgery and tampering. At the same time, High transparency ensures personalized data is visible, but very hard to replace it. 

As an anti-counterfeiting enterprise, Suzhou Image takes counterfeiting and other forms of fraud seriously. The above four holographic foil overlays are a great way to add security and protection to your ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide the customise hologram overlay with your logo, please send us your artwork, our professional design team will design hologram effect for you.

customized version hologram overlay

Because it’s customized product, price need to calculate based on your specific requirements, like the design and quantity. Can you please introduce your project?

Yes, we can provide you our generic samples to check the quality. Samples are free, but the freight cost is for your side.


The MOQ of holographic id overlays is 50,000pcs. If you want finished holographic id cards, the MOQ is 20,000pcs.

Yes, we have seamless transfer overlay, which is edge by edge lamination on the surface of id cards. Please send us your detailed requirements, like pattern, security features, MOQ, etc. So we can offer an exact price.

You need to use specialized laminator to apply holographic overlays to cr80 standard ID cards. Suzhou Image provide complete solution, pre-printed cards, the transparent holographic film overlay, printing ribbons, printer and matched laminator.

The first order or batch is within 20 days, specific time is based on the order details and quantity.

We do security products over 20 years, specialize in optical security solutions for both governmental projects and commercial brand protection. There are lots of successful projects we have done, like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, 2018 Argentina G20 Summit, 2023 San Salvador Central American and Caribbean Games, etc.

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 Focused on the optical security industry for more than 15 years. We are happy to share and look forward to more communication here.


Applying a hologram overlay to your card is a great way to increase the security of your ID card.

Using holograms on id cards raise the threshold for forging while offering visual security protection. 

Multiple security features can be added to the existing ID card program to make them more secure. 

Suzhou Image has been devoting to R&D and application of security solutions for identities.

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