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3D Micro Optical Security Labels

The most secure and attractive visual anti-counterfeiting solutions. Protect your brand and consumers with eye-catching 3d micro optical stickers. Sophisticated micro lens imaging technology offers sufficient protection, making them nearly impossible to reproduce.

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Features of Micro Optical Anti-Counterfeiting Label

Eye-catching 3D Micro Optical Security Stickes with Anti-Counterfeiting Features

Micro-optical labels have amazing 3D dynamic effects and are difficult to duplicate, also known as 3D motion labels. Moreover, it is composed of regularly arranged micron-scale imaging lenses and graphic information of a few microns, so it is also called 3d micro-lens labels.

3d dynamic micro optical motion label with cat eye design

3D Cat Eye Motion Label

The cat's eye graphics can achieve dynamic suspension or sinking, showing a strong three-dimensional effect of height changes.

3d dynamic motion label with corloful hologram effect

3D Hologram Motion Label

Integrated optical refraction imaging tech and optical hologram tech, presenting colorful and multi-layer 3D stereoscopic effects.

Some of the Elements can be Added into Micro Lenticular Labels

We offer a range of lenticular effects available, including but not limited to motion, zooming, image hiding, rotation, 3D cat's eye, multi-layer graphics, etc. effects. Which can sometimes be combined to create a hybrid effect that take full advantage of what optical micro lens technology has to offer.

Applications of 3D Motion Labels

3D motion security labels use microlens array technology to create full-perspective naked-eye 3D effects.

They are suitable for a variety of packaging applications, such as alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics and personal care, and luxury brands.

Professional 3D Micro Lens Anti-counterfeiting Labels Manufacturer

Suzhou Image is a professional technology company based in China. Our company has focused on the research and development of brand protection solutions for more than two decades. We have cooperated with more than 100 top brands, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and alcohol, etc. 
The advantage of our micro lens security labels is that they are made with ultra-thin substrates, can be die-cut to any shape, and are compatible with most automatic labeling machines. The microlens array based on 3D processing realizes a full-view 3D background and a true 3D real-time stereoscopic effect, providing visual appeal and perceptual value for brand packaging. In addition, it also has an anti-counterfeiting feature, easy to identify and difficult to imitate.
High-resolution micro optical technology, in-house production lines, highly specialized engineering, and an expected team of designers ensure that every 3d micro lens optical sticker delivered to customers is qualified.

Frequently Asked Questions

The structure is different. The 3d micro lens security sticker is a double-layer texture that is composed of regularly arranged micron-scale imaging lenses and graphic information of a few microns. The holographic sticker is composed of a single-layer micron or Nano-scale texture.

The imaging principle is different. The micro lens optical label is based on the imaging principle of refraction or reflection lens, while the holography is based on the principle of diffraction imaging.

Material thickness is different: the 3d micro lens array label is usually tens of microns, and it cannot be used as a transfer material currently. The holography is a single-layer micro-nano structure, the thickness can be several microns, and it can be used for transfer and hot stamping processes.

The visual effects are different. The three-dimensional effect of micro-lens imaging is obvious, it is not affected by the lighting environment, and the color is stable, but currently only has a single color, usually without metal texture. The 3D effect of holograms is greatly affected by ambient light. The color will change based on the viewing angle and often has a metallic appearance.

The microlens process is relatively complicated, the thickness is less than 50 microns, the production conditions are strict, and the equipment precision is high.

Compared with holograms, the cost is relatively high. At present, it is mainly used in financial currencies such as the US dollar, as well as ID cards, event IDs and other fields. Higher level of security.

Ultral-thin transparent film materials, usually OPP, PC, TPU and other medium and low refractive index materials. These ultra thin 3d motion security stickers can feature stunning aesthetic effects further enhancing your product. 

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