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Hologram QR Code for Authentication

Every hologram sticker will carry a QR code or barcode for product authentication and traceability.

hologram sticke with unique qr code and barcode

Why Use Hologram QR Code Stickers

Types Of Holographic QR Code Stickers

The combination of hologram and QR code provides a unique verification of the product. In addition, a series of barcodes, scratch code and serial numbers can be printed on the hologram sticker to satisfy specific requirements.

Scratch QR Code Hologram Sticker

The QR code needs to be covered with a scratch off ink to increase the threshold of counterfeiting.

Holographic Barcode QR Sticker

Hologram designs highlight your packaging, QR codes and barcodes for easy identification.

Serial Number QR Code Hologram Sticker

Hologram labels can be printed with variable QR codes and serial numbers to manage and authenticate products.

Tamper Evident QR Code Holographic Label

This QR code holographic label is tamper evident, it provides double-sided security and prevents tampering.

Powerful Security Features to Protect Your Brand Security

Various overt, covert security features make it extremely difficult to copy or imitate your QR code security label.

UV-Fluorescent Ink

UV-Fluorescent Ink

See encrypted information under UV light, counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the hidden visual features.

Dynamic Guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

hologram stickers with covert security features

Hidden Text

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

New Arrival Custom QR Hologram Stickers

The variable hologram QR code label has very powerful uses. It’s a good way to advertise, authenticate, track & trace products, and effectively eliminate counterfeit products.

Applications of QR Code Holograms

Holographic stickers with QR codes are available to different industry applications. They benefit not only the enterprise but also the end-user.

Professional QR Code Security Label Manufacturer In China

QR code security stickers provide double-edged security protection with products and brands. Each label can be printed with a unique QR code to obtain an independent identity.

The application of qr code hologram labels creates a better consumer experience. Scan the QR code can link to the brand homepage for more product display and promotion or link to the verification page to authenticate the product is original. Using them not only can effectively prevent products from counterfeiting, but also provide traceability.

FAQ of Holographic QR Code Labels

Each holographic sticker allows having an individual QR code for product verification and traceability. We have special TTR printers and UV printers, which can print a series of variable QR codes to meet your requirements. A hologram with a unique QR code not only can enhance brand protection but also has the purpose of user interaction.

All of hologram labels can be tamper proof. Optical image is embossed onto tamper proof material, thus providing clear indication of any attempt of removal of seals. It will leave marks when peeled off.

The scratching coating is usually placed on the top of the QR code and is used partially. When people scratch off the ink, they can scan the QR code to know more information about products and authenticate products.

Sometimes, there is a digit code under the scratch-off panel. This is very common in authentication and tracking system. Consumers need to input the digit code to check the product information.

Scanning the QR code on the holographic label that can link to the authenticity system. According to the system requirements, enter the corresponding security code (usually the security verification code is placed under the scratch ink to prevent counterfeiting). Finally, you will come to the authentication page below, this page will tell you detailed query information.

Of course, our company can also customize your own query page. The whole authentication process is very quick and simple, it just requires a mobile phone, special equipment, or identification APP.

If you stick authentication QR code hologram stickers onto all your distributed products. They allows end users to scan to check for the product authenticity.

Video of QR Code Authentication & Traceability System



QR code security stickers are a great combination of hologram images and QR Code systems, it’s a great marketing and authentication tools for brands and end-users.

Consumers can fast check the genuineness of a product by reading the QR code section of the hologram label with a Smartphone or special device. Meanwhile, brand owners can collect customers’ information & promote their brands by using them.

In addition to this, the QR code with hologram also has the function of track and trace, which can help brands manage the supply chain and provide very useful information about the product origin for the consumer.

As you know, our company is professional hologram sticker factory, all the products is available to customize, please let us know your detailed requirements, like QR code, sticker size, quantity, applications. So that we can offer an exact price to you.

Explore More QR Code Hologram Labels

To meet customer-specific needs, our company are rolling out new holographic tax stamp products. They combine multiple security elements, variable QR code, unique serialization and authentication features, aiming to protect tax revenues and fees.

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 Focused on the optical security industry for more than 15 years. We are happy to share and look forward to more communication here.

We have advanced printing equipment that can print a variety of fixed or variable QR codes to meet various needs in the market.

It’s a high-tech product, which can be used to track and trace product origins and identify counterfeit products.

The obvious difference between a QR code and a barcode is its appearance and the way information is recorded.

Our company develops three kinds of scratchable hologram stickers, which are digital, QR code and barcode scratch-off labels.

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