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Scratch QR Code Hologram Sticker

The scratch QR code holographic label is often used in combination with the QR code tracking system to realize functions such as product verification, anti-channel conflict, traceability, and point collection. This is a great anti-counterfeiting method and a great way to establish communication between the brand and the end user.

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30micron PET


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit


Accept (Color, Size, Shape)




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


QR code scratch hologram stickers may be one of the most effective anti-counterfeiting and verification methods available to your business.

hologram sticker with scratch code and qr code, accept custom design

You can see the QR code and scratch code area on the right side of the hologram label. After scratching, you can see a string of security codes and the entire QR code. Users only need to scan the QR code with their mobile phones, and then enter the query code on the opened page to check the authenticity of the product or view the product description to learn more about the brands’ activities.

The Scratch QR code hologram label we provide can also be customized by us according to the customer’s specifications and are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

detailed pictures of scratch qr hologram sticker (2) detailed pictures of scratch qr hologram sticker (1)

This butterfly pattern holographic sticker consists of three parts: optical image, QR code, and scratch code. When you use your finger to scratch off the scratch area of this hologram QR code sticker, you can get your security code (a string of numbers), which can be used for product verification via our QR code system.


Material 30um PET
Size/color/shape Customize
Logo Available to customize
Glue type Pressure-sensitive adhesive



Brand protection

Aesthetic appearance

Printing information QR code/serial/random number/verify code/bar code
Code type TTR/UV/Laser numbering
MOQ 100K pcs
Supply form In sheet/roll
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, RoHs, IHMA
Sample Delivery on the same day

Security Features

Features of Scratch QR Hologram Label

The attractive optical design combined with security features makes your product both aesthetically pleasing and counterfeit-proof. The perfect combination of QR code and scratch code provides double security for your products.

The butterfly pattern and background design on the scratch QR code hologram label present colorful and dynamically changing lines. The outer oval aperture of the butterfly presents a dynamic zoom-in/out effect.

security features of scratch qr code hologram sticker


Scratch QR holographic stickers are usually used in conjunction with QR code authentication systems to identify the authenticity of products and protect the security of electronic codes. The following are packaging applications.

qr code scratch hologram sticker applications

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