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SZIMAGE Solutions Against Brand Counterfeiting

SZIMAGE brand protection solution aims to protect the safety of brand products, prevent brand counterfeiting from falling into a reputation crisis, damage the image of the brand among consumers, and further cause substantial financial losses to brand owners.

Why Attach Importance to Brand Protection and Security

In recent years, with the rapid development of digital printing technology, more and more counterfeit products enter the market. From food, health care and electronics to branded products such as clothing and cosmetics, to auto parts, cigarettes and medicines.
SZIMAGE provides comprehensive customized security solutions to protect your brand, enhance brand image and customer loyalty. This is what Suzhou Image is good at. Our brand protection solutions can make your customers trust your brand products more.
Brand security protection is beneficial to both brand owners and consumers. For brand owners, first of all, it can protect brand products from counterfeiting. Secondly, customers can quickly identify the brand itself by looking at the label, and further enhance brand awareness. For customers, they can quickly identify and prevent the goods they buy from being fake.

optical anti-counterfeit stickers for e-cigarette brand protection

Tailor-made Brand Security Solutions for Different Industries

Our brand protection products combine multiple optical security technologies, unique serialization and authentication features, they are tailored to customer-specific needs and applicable to different industries. It gives your customers confidence that your branded products are genuine. 

anti-counterfeiting packaging solution for tobacco brand protection

Tobacco Industry

Our company integrates advanced optical security technologies to provide cigarette manufacturers with a complete anti-counterfeiting packaging solution.

Auto Parts Industry

Personalized design is combined with high security features to protect automotive products, crack down on fake auto parts, and maintain market order and people’s life safety.

printable hot stamping hologram for auto parts industry
customized security solutions for personal care and beauty products

Personal Care & Beauty Industry

We provide one-stop security solutions for personal care and beauty products to avoid any counterfeiting. Including optical labels, shrink film and tear tape.

Electronics Industry

The safety performance of electronics products is very important. Our anti-counterfeiting products protect genuine electronics from being forged.

security packaging solutions for electronics brand products
anti-counterfeiting solutions for animation and toys industry

Animation and Toys

Our physical solutions for animation and toy products are unique, non-replicable, and highly secure. The eye-catching dynamic color effect adds perceived value to product packaging.

Garment Hang Tags

Distinctive design, eye-catching colorful optical effect, and high-security features will differentiate your brand and product from the competition.

brand clothing hang tags with optical features

Innovative Security Elements Make Your Brand Safe from Fake

micro text, identified by magnifying glass

Micro Text, Identified by Magnifying Glass

high frequency grating, stable color changes under reflected light angle

Zero Level Light Diffraction, Color Changes

hidden text, hidden image is visible with laser pen

Hidden Image is Visible Under Laser Pen

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