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Holographic Tamper Evident Labels

Provide additional security to products against any form of counterfeiting, tampering and unauthorized diversion

hologram tamper evident sticker, text VOID is left behind

Why Use Tamper Evident Hologram Stickers

Types Of Tamper Proof Holograms

Tamper proof hologram stickers are made of self-destructed self-adhesive material. When the label is removed, Pattern “VOID, Honeycomb, or Custom information” will remain on the original position, providing clear evidence of tampering.

Anti counterfeit VOID Sticker

If someone tries to move the label from the original place to another place, it will leave "VOID" residue.

Hologram Destructible Label

Breakable tamper evident materials protect your products from counterfeiting and tampering.

Gold Hologram Sticker

If someone tries to peel it off, it will leave a pre-designed custom pattern in its original location.

Oval Holographic Sticker

Honeycomb pattern remains when sticker is removed, providing a visible marked evidence of tampering

Powerful Security Features to Protect Your Brand Security

Advanced security features make it extremely difficult to copy or imitate your text tampered holograms.

UV-Fluorescent Ink

UV-Fluorescent Ink

See encrypted information under UV light, counterfeiting is thus made more difficult by the hidden visual features.

Dynamic Guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

hologram stickers with covert security features

Hidden Text

Use a small laser pen to shine on the hidden area, it can show out the hidden graphics, for example, the ” OK” word.

New Arrival Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers

The tamper proof hologram sticker is a great option to secure or identify the product where it is placed. Any attempt to tamper will lead to the destruction of the hologram image, and the residue remains in its original position.

anti counterfeit label with tamper proof feature
Anti counterfeiting Label
light diffraction hologram sticker
Light Diffraction Hologram Sticker

Applications of Tamper Evident Holographic Stickers

Tamper evident holograms are commonly used in sealing positions of various packaged products to prevent unauthorized transfer and opening. When the sticker is removed from the surface where it’s attached, the hologram image will be destroyed.

Professional Holographic Tamper Proof Stickers Supplier In China

The combination of hologram stickers and tamper-resistant material adds additional security to products and valuable documents. It is usually used in the sealing area of some brand packaging or the secure sealing application of important documents, aimed to help them combat unauthorized access. This makes your customers believe that the product or important document is real.

From small wholesalers to successful top brands, they both choose the tamper evident holographic label to protect their products. The action will make customers believe that the products that reach them are genuine. In the long run, they will trust your brands more.

FAQ of Holographic Stickers

Our company offers hologram tamper proof stickers with customized sizes, colors, and logos. If peeled off, under the sticker will show the residue “VOID”, Honeycomb or custom information. Thus providing visible evidence of product integrity.

Definitely no problem, the anti-tamper sticker can be affixed to the sealing area of packaging boxes to close them. Special tamper proof material make it impossible to remove or reuse. It can be used to help protect and authenticate different package items.

Samples are available, we can provide free sample to test, but the freight cost is for your side. Our company is ISO9001:2015 certified to ensure each hologram product delivered to our clients is qualified. Meanwhile we are membership of IHMA, which help us has a good reputation in the field.

 Our MOQ is 100,000pcs. Because the basic embossing material when machine running for one time is almost 100,000stickers. 

 The detailed price depends on your sticker size, logo artwork, security techs, final order quantity.

Small batch 5-7 working days, bulk production 7-10 working days, Details production schedule depends on your final order quantities and security requirements.

Explore More Holographic Custom Stickers

Some necessary information and graphics are embedded in the hologram adhesive sticker, thereby further improving safety performance.

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Holographic tamper evident labels are available for any product, the elegant look can also be used as part of marketing and branding.

Tamper evident hologram stickers are non-transferable, difficult to copy, and can protect packaging and sealing products from altering.

The special tamper proof property makes them widely used in various industries to prevent the original packaging from being opened.

Anti-peeling holographic labels play an important role in protecting brand products from counterfeiting and tampering. 

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