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Security Solutions for Animation and Toys

Our company provides customized anti-counterfeiting solutions for IP authorization and brand product forgeries issues of animation, and kids’ toys.

Fight the Fake Practices in Animation Toys Industry

Counterfeit products are flooding the animation toy industry. Many toys are sold on the market without trademarks, especially plastic toys and plush toys that children play with.

Counterfeit toy products lack quality assurance and are harmful to children’s health. Moreover, many products belong to characters in well-known film and animation works and need special authorization to produce and sell.

The illegal production and sale of such animation toys obviously infringe on intellectual property rights, which is already an illegal act.

Optical Products Protect Animation and Toys Products

Many animation products and toy manufacturers tend to use a customized holographic sticker on product packaging. The sticker is designed with their brand logo and name, and its use can be used to add an eye-catching feature to your current packaging to attract customers’ attention, while also improving the brand image and protecting brand products from counterfeiting.

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