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Three Points to Help You Know More About Holographic Labels?

Holographic labels often appear in the form of self-adhesive and are widely used in all walks of life, and have a variety of unique functions. They can provide products with strong anti-counterfeiting performance, and by combining different processes and materials, they can achieve multiple functions, such as anti-transfer, anti-tamper (residues if peel off), anti-channel conflict, and traceability management.

holographic labels with anti-tampering feature, honeycomb pattern as evidence of tamper

As a technology enterprise, our company has been thinking about how to effectively and rationally use various security technologies, different printing methods, and production processes, so as to hang back counterfeiters and truly protect the rights and interests of brands, retailers, and consumers.

Two functions of Hologram Labels

Brand protection

Hologram labels have the characteristics of novel design, brilliant colors, and strong anti-counterfeiting functions. It can play the functions of anti-copying, anti-counterfeiting, easy identification by the public, and easy inspection and verification by retailers.

They not only provide security protection for corporate brands and products, but also can create goodwill of product among consumers, and consumer believes that manufacturer wants to provide only authentic goods to consumers.

hologram labels for products verification

As more and more brands in the market use custom holographic labels on their products, many users subconsciously believe that products with such labels are genuine products, representing the authenticity and credibility of the goods, otherwise, they are not safe. These labels have become one of the most effective anti-counterfeiting methods against counterfeit products.

Market requirements

The hologram labels can be combined with the QR code system to realize the functions of internal and external production management, supply chain management, price management, Internet of things management, traceability management, and marketing management, etc., so as to carry out “closed-loop supervision” on the entire production enterprise from the source.

Moreover, they can also systematically manage the members and realize business-customer interaction + integral marketing + big data analysis + personalized targeted push + inventory management, etc. Effective anti-counterfeiting combined with systematic management protects the legitimate rights of manufacturers and consumers.

How to choose the appropriate security technologies

The choice of security technology depends on the needs of users. As a technology enterprise, we need to design matching security features based on customer needs to reduce unnecessary costs.

If the customer focuses on visual effects

For users who emphasize visual effects, if the demand for anti-counterfeiting is not very strong, it is recommended to use overt security technologies. Which have an anti-counterfeiting effect, and are easy to identify with the naked eye, but not easy to duplicate.

overt and covert optical security features for specific requirements

For users with high-level anti-counterfeiting needs

It is recommended to use a combination of overt, covert, and forensic security features. Because no matter how powerful the anti-counterfeiting technology function is, it cannot play a 100% anti-counterfeiting effect.

For example, the banknotes of each country also comprehensively utilize various anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting inks, and anti-counterfeiting materials, combined with various printing techniques and production processes, to finally maximize the anti-counterfeiting function and discourage counterfeiters. Because the cost of counterfeiting is too high and too difficult.

How to design a hologram sticker

Composition of hologram sticker design

(1) In the limited space of the sticker design, there must be a basic design element, such as patterns, LOGO, text, and other corresponding functions.

(2) It must have the anti-counterfeiting function of various text patterns designed to prevent counterfeiting.

(3) It is important to use different combination processes in a limited design space;

There are certain principles in the design of hologram sticker

(1) It is recommended to use some special physical marks that are easy to be ignored by counterfeiters, or some special physical marks that are easy to be identified by designers after being forged.

(2) The design uses anti-counterfeiting elements that are difficult to copy to increase the difficulty of counterfeiting. This is also the production method commonly used such as banknotes, checks, bonds, stocks, and paper notes in various countries.

the combination of multiple anti-counterfeiting elements to enhance the level of security

 (3) Design with a combination of special marks, special inks, special materials, special processes, and special equipment for easy identification.

(4) Make the most use of the public’s easy identification, and visual identification, or use simple tool identification methods to complete the design. This is the most difficult to achieve, and it is also an anti-counterfeiting technology often adopted by customers and end users.

The design of hologram labels is not simply displayed by using some anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-counterfeiting inks, and design methods. It’s a kind of high-security anti-counterfeiting product designed with a combination of different raw materials, various anti-counterfeiting technologies, different printing processes, different printing methods, and various inks.

Although we cannot completely eliminate counterfeiting, we adopt high-tech technologies that are difficult to copy, and at the same time publicize the basic knowledge of identifying the authenticity of products to consumers. To a certain extent, it can also take a deterrent effect on forgery.


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