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Four Points About Holographic Tamper Evident Labels

The tamper evident hologram comes from a special material that can be used to make labels. If it is removed after being pasted to a fixed position, it can reasonably provide consumers with visible evidence that tampering has occurred.

The tamper-evident material can be a regular or distinctive design by your logo. Regular material refers to VOID, Honeycomb, One-time-use film, and dots pattern. The unique design means a special logo pattern & security cutting design.

different types of holographic tamper evident labels

Holographic tamper evident labels are an effective security solution to protect not only your products but also your brands. Since this holographic image is embossed in the form of a label on a material with tamper-evident properties, it can be used in any product and packaging for security purposes. In addition, the elegant look and attractive colors can be used as part of marketing and branding.

Thanks to their shiny appearance and high-security features which made they are widely used in various package products. What’s more, they cannot be removed or transferred without a trace of tampering.

Material Selections

Currently, there are mainly two materials that can be used to produce tamper evident holographic labels, one is PET (Polyester) material, and the other one is paper material.

PET and paper material hologram tamper evident labels

Two different materials can be used to act as a way to protect, identify and confirm the authenticity of the product. But, they have little difference between production processing, material characteristics, and application.

MaterialTamer Evident TypeApplicationMaterial characteristics
PETLeave residues after peeling offIf for seal, suggest irregular shape and large size stickerStrong scratch and abrasion resistance    
PaperNo residues, but the holographic image will be destroyedHolographic seal, strong bondingWeak scratch and abrasion resistance  

Sometimes, some people are required to do QR code printing on hologram tamper evident labels to further improve the security level. Because security anti-tampering cutting pattern will be designed on the label, but don’t worry, the pattern of security cutting can be changed, commonly will not be cut around the QR code area to affect scanning and authentication. Of course, PET material also can do security cutting design as per requirements.

If you are confused about which material to use, please contact our sales team and they will give you some appropriate suggestions.

Compared with normal Holographic Stickers, What’s the Difference?

The material we use to produce tamper-evident holograms and other holographic stickers is different. The former usually adopt destructive one-time-use material, These stickers are destroyed while peeled off from the product, thus providing visible marked evidence of tampering.

The latter is a material with no self-destructive function. But there will be multiple security elements applied to the holographic image to enhance the anti-counterfeiting performance.

Moreover, in order to further increase the difficulty of forgery, the above two holographic stickers are often matched with various QR codes and serial numbers to satisfy special needs.

What Products Will Use Holographic Tamper Evident Labels?

Holographic tamper evident labels are available to various different industries, from food, medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, tobacco and alcohol packaging, etc., you can see the existence of this kind of label on many products.

tamper evident holographic label for cosmetic box sealing application

Many industries have been using them to seal products. This is good for both manufacturers and end-users. The action can ensure that reaches the customer is an authentic company product.

And it shows the customer that the product is safe to use or consume while a damaged seal will immediately tell the consumer that the product is not trustworthy to use or consume.

Some Suggestions for Using Hologram Tamper Evident Labels?

1, For warranty seal application, paper material will be better, because it has better adhesion fastness.

2, If PET material, make some special-shaped anti-tampering stickers to increase the label area and increase the adhesion.

3, The label should be placed for 24 hours after it is pasted, and its adhesive effect will reach the best effect.

4, Apart from regular one-time-use material, our company can design your own custom tamper-proof patterns. But there are requirements for the order quantity.


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