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Applications of Tamper Proof Hologram Stickers

The tamper proof hologram sticker, literally, prevents tampering, and can’t be removed after sticking to an original position. The special property makes it widely used in various industries to prevent the original packaging from being opened without authorization.

Nowadays, consumers not only pay attention to factors such as product price and performance when purchasing products, but more and more consumers are also paying more attention to whether the product is genuine and whether the product quality is guaranteed.

The main purpose of adding a holographic tamper proof sticker is to help easily identify whether the product is original. This gives consumers a sense of security and makes them believe that they have spent money to buy something worthwhile.

And it’s a good way for manufacturers to authenticate their products, and protect brand products from counterfeiting.

The application of hologram tamper proof stickers is very wide, from food, medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, tobacco and alcohol packaging, etc., you can see the existence of this kind of sticker on many products.

These industries are closely related to our daily lives, the broken feature makes it most suitable to be applied to the packaging and sealing of these products.

Here, we will list some industry examples that use holographic tamper-proof stickers in daily life.

tamper proof hologram stickers for cosmetic package

Cosmetic package application

Many cosmetic brands use a tamper-proof holographic sticker on their package seal to help customers more easily recognize if the product reaches them as the original one. So that customers are more trust the brand itself.

tamper proof holograms for electronic packaging

Electronics application

You can see such a sticker on kinds of electronic packaging. And they are widely adopted in the warranty service area, such as phone accessories and mobile phone warranty assurance. Any lack or damage to the hologram indicates unauthorized access to the product.

holographic tamper proof stickers for food packaging seal

Food Packaging Seal

They can be applied to food packages, which can protect food from being opened during shipment and help to reduce your damaged goods. With the addition of tamper evidence, you are showing a clear concern for the buyer, and that can build consumer and brand loyalty.


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