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QR VS Barcode Hologram (What’s the Difference)

Nowadays, QR codes and barcodes can be seen everywhere. You can find them on various packaging of items. The QR code and barcode both can store and disseminate a multitude of information. So what is the difference between them?

The difference between a QR and bar code

The obvious difference between a QR code and a barcode is its appearance. A QR code is a square composed of irregular blocks. The barcode is a rectangle composed of lines and characters of different thicknesses and usually carries a serial number.

appearance display of a QR and bar code

From the aspect of recording information, the barcode is a horizontal record, which is one-dimensional; the QR code is more like an upgrade to the barcode, and the record is horizontal + vertical information, which is two-dimensional. QR codes can also record pictures, text, videos, etc. Compared with the information recorded by bar codes, and have a wide range of applications in current life.

Samples of a Hologram Sticker with a QR code and Barcode

In the current industry, QR codes or barcodes with hologram is gaining popularity due to their distinguishing characteristics. QR codes can be effectively printed on the hologram image that is easy to scan, authenticate and promote products.

Our company keeps up with the current market needs and applies QR codes and barcodes to hologram security labels. Here is a sample picture.

Due to the shiny visual effects of hologram images, it can add the finishing touch to your brand packaging as well as enhance a company’s image and add another feature for shelf appeal.

At the same time, utilize our authentication system to generate special QR codes for products. Under the double anti-counterfeiting barrier of the hologram sticker with QR code, making brand products is not easy to be copied, and the safety performance is higher.

In addition to this, the combination also effectively helps enterprises realize market channel management, product, and company brand promotion, and prevent fake products destroy the brand image. And it helps customers achieve product authentication checks.

On the road to counterfeiting, we will continue to innovate technology, enhance the effectiveness of counterfeiting, and strive to solve the problem of counterfeiting of enterprises.


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