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Three Common Scratch-off Holographic Labels?

We all know that the general QR code does not have an anti-counterfeiting function, as it’s easy to copy. However, it can be combined with holographic technology. And it can also be designed to the scratched coating at the QR code area to increase the threshold of fraud. Today we will get to know this kind of hologram sticker with scratched coating on the QR code area.

QR hologram sticker with scratch code

It is actually an adhesive hologram sticker, but with a scratched coating. Scratch-off ink is usually printed on the secret code part of the outer surface of the holographic sticker, which can be scratched off by consumers before the query.

A scratch layer is added to the QR code area can make the security code reach the end-user. The design of the scratched coating can further improve security, increase the difficulty of forgery, and maintain product safety.

Three types of scratch-off hologram labels

At present, our company has mainly developed three types of holographic scratch off labels, they are digital scratch-off, QR code scratching, and barcode scratching. Among them, the former two are more widely used.

Digital scratch off hologram sticker

In fact, a security code is covered with a layer of scratching ink. After scratching the coating, you will see the digital number below. This type of scratching code is usually used in some activities such as point redemption and prize redemption. Users only need to enter the code into a specific page to earn points, and the points can be exchanged for gifts after reaching a certain point.

QR Code Scratch Hologram Sticker

This is also very common nowadays. Generally, the scratching layer ink will cover a part of the QR code, and the entire QR code and query code can be seen after scratching. Users only need to scan the QR code with their mobile phone and enter the query code to check the authenticity of the product, check the product description, and learn more about the business activities.

scratch qr hologram label for pharmaceutical box packaging

It is often used in combination with a QR code authentication system, which can realize points, anti-counterfeiting, anti-channel conflict, and track & trace functions. At present, Suzhou Image Technology has developed its own traceability query system, which can fully meet the needs of users.

Barcode Scratch Hologram

Similar to the first type, a series of bar codes are displayed after scratching, and the specific information can be obtained by scanning the bar codes with special equipment.

We print different QR codes, barcodes, and security serial numbers on each sticker, and then a scratch-off ink is printed on the code part of the sticker, which can be scratched off by consumers before the query. Not only the size, color, and design of the sticker can be customized, our technical department can adjust our production process according to your special requirements.


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