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Where to Buy Holographic Tear Tape?

Nowadays, tear tapes are very popular in the brand packaging market, especially holographic tear tapes. They are widely used in tobacco, tea, medicine, and other packaging fields for brand protection and easy opening purpose.

holographic tear tape for various packaging products

Someone may ask, “Where should I buy the kind of tear tape? Here are five little tips to help you choose a suitable professional tear tape manufacturer.

1) Check relevant qualification certificates, such as business licenses and production permits, to ensure that the company is a truly registered enterprise with a good reputation.

2) Investigate the supplier’s ability in customization, design, and professionalism, such as asking them to provide some previous design samples to help you get a deeper understanding of the company.

3) The company’s quality and confidentiality system, such as whether the company has any system certificates like ISO27001 information security system, or ISO9001 quality security system, can help you further check the company. Respect and protect the intellectual property rights of customers and each other.

qualification certificate(IHMA 2023, ISO9001, ISO27001)

4) Are they IHMA members? The IHMA is made up of over 100 of the world’s leading hologram companies that actively cooperate to maintain the highest professional, security, and quality standards in support of their customers.

5) Previous cooperation cases, do they ever cooperate with any major projects & brands? At present, Suzhou Image Technology has offered our hologram tear tapes to many well-known cigarette and e-cigarette brands at home and abroad. However, because we have signed a confidentiality agreement, we cannot discuss more detailed information about specific companies.

Regarding the question of where to buy tea tape is better, you can refer to the above five points we gave to the judge. Here we recommend Suzhou Image Technology Co., Ltd. They have been leading the optical anti-counterfeiting industry for more than two decades. Located in the eastern city of Suzhou in China, in the center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, adjacent to Shanghai, it has a geographical advantage.

Suzhou Image Technology Factory

This company has integrated advanced optical security technologies to provide cigarette manufacturers with a complete anti-counterfeiting package solution, which includes tax stamps, tear tapes, holographic BOPP shrink films, hot stamping foils, and optical cigarette boxes.

In addition to providing products to local manufacturers, Suzhou Image has even successfully occupied a considerable market in Europe, North America, and South America. There is a detailed introduction on tobaccoAsia

If you want to improve customer satisfaction in the packaging open system, while protecting and promoting your brand, please contact us as soon as.


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