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ID Card Transfer Overlay: Five Good Reasons to Use Them

ID card transfer overlay is an optical protective film with separation transfer properties, primarily used to protect the personalized printed information on the card body from counterfeiting and daily wear and tear.

21um thickness optical transfer overlay for id card protection

Faced with the threat and challenge of counterfeit identities and documents, Suzhou Image integrates higher-level security functions into cards to meet the needs of governments and other organizations for more complex security solutions. Here are five key advantages of our card-type transfer overlay:

Excellent Transparency Ensures the Reading and Verification of Personalized Data

IMAGE transfer overlay is made of transparent PET material. After embossing the optical information layer, the material’s light transmittance exceeds 77%, ensuring that the presentation of personalized printed information on the card body is not affected.

Good Visual Effects

The transfer film can cover 100% of the entire surface of the CR80 card body, providing a seamless appearance. Unlike patch overlay, which leaves a 1-2mm gap between the film and the card edge, our transfer film ensures complete coverage, enhancing the card’s visual appeal.

Strong Anti-Tampering Protection

The holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern transferred to the card surface prevents tampering and forgery. This is a common security solution for many personal documents such as employee ID cards, student ID cards, and social security cards.

It is almost impossible to alter or forge personal information without destroying the image and material. After the transfer, the optical pattern surface becomes scratch-resistant, improving the durability and wear resistance of personalized information, thereby extending the card’s lifespan.

Multiple Security Features Ensure Maximum Protection

Our ID card transfer overlay integrates three different levels of anti-counterfeiting performance to provide comprehensive protection, making the card difficult to forge and tamper with.

security id cards with UV printing
  • Level 1: Overt anti-counterfeiting features such as optical diffraction, flip-flop, and 3D dynamic effects for visual identification.
  • Level 2: Covert security features that require special tools for verification, such as micro-text and fluorescent ink printing.
  • Level 3: Forensic security features used for judicial identification in the event of a counterfeit lawsuit.

Easy to Apply

You only need a laminating machine to complete the lamination. Suzhou Image’s ID card hologram transfer overlay can be adapted to multiple brands of transfer laminating equipment. Each roll can do the single-sided lamination of 600 cards. Here is a detailed introduction to the laminating process.

  • First, ensure the laminating machine is clean and set to the appropriate temperature and pressure.
  • Second, load the transfer film roll onto the laminating machine, ensuring the material is flat without creases.
  • Third, place the ID cards into the laminating machine and start the machine for lamination.
  • Finally, inspect each laminated card to ensure the film layer is firmly attached and free of bubbles.

Suzhou Image is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and application of identity security solutions. Our advanced optical technology, 1000-level clean workshop, and seven dot matrix production lines fully meet market supply demands.

Through over 20 years of independent research, development, and innovation, our company has achieved remarkable results in document anti-counterfeiting. We have successfully provided security solutions for foreign ID cards, Hong Kong and Macao passes, foreign driver’s licenses, and more.

From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2023 Central American Games, we have provided pass document solutions for more than 10 large-scale international events, including but not limited to the 2023 San Salvador Central American and Caribbean Games, the 2019 Wuhan Military Games, the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games, and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

If you have any needs for card anti-counterfeiting, please get in touch with us! We can send relevant samples for testing.


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