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Multiple Security Features Make ID More Secure

Generally speaking, id cards, some important documents, driving licenses, and passports are issued by the government. They contain many different levels of security features to prevent any possibility of tampering.

The following introduces some of the most common ID security features, which can be integrated into the ID card to make it more secure and reliable according to specific needs.

Integrate holographic images into the id card.

The application of holographic images allows forged ID cards to be quickly verified visually. Due to complex processing technology, holographic images cannot be copied by ordinary printing or scanning equipment.

Holographic images are usually applied to ID cards in the form of holographic laminates to improve security. Visit the benefits of using holograms on id cards.

embeded type optical security id cards

Add digital photos to id cards.

Adding a personal photo to the ID card is a basic security feature, which can help identify individuals quickly. But with the continuous development of current printing technology, this method is not foolproof, because the photo can be copied using some scanners and copiers.

Use barcodes on the id cards.

The advantage of the barcode is that you can quickly scan the code to identify the user. Using a scanner, you can speed up the verification/check-in process. It’s an effective way to add another level of security to your id card.

Because if you don’t know the specific information in the barcode, even if you make a card with the same appearance, it cannot be scanned.

Equipped with different badge holders and lanyards for your ID card.

By assigning cards with unique colors to users with different permissions, you can quickly identify people without proper permissions and prevent access to confidential file information. This method is especially suitable for some large-scale events, archives, and warehouses.

Covert security features- Fluorescent ink printing.

Fluorescent ink printing is a hidden security feature, which can be added to your current cards to make them even more difficult to copy. The covert information will be visible with the use of a special tool, like a UV light to see UV printing.

embedded laminate overlay with fluorescent ink printing
embedded laminate overlay with fluorescent ink printing

Covert security features- micro text.

The micro text anti-counterfeiting feature is considered to be the most difficult to copy, and it is usually used in passports and currency, such as ID cards that require extremely high levels of security.

Like fluorescent ink, it requires the help of tools, through the magnifying glass can display regular thin lines or text.

Laser engraving.

Special text can be etched into the card body or hologram lamination pouches to provide tamper-resistant and highly durable personalized settings. Any attempt to change the engraved information will result in visually obvious card damage.

hologram lamination pouches with laser engraving

The seven anti-counterfeiting features listed above are just a part, you can add them to the existing ID card program to make the card more secure. Although no single technology can provide 100% security, you can use these security features together to achieve a security level that best suits your own needs.


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