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Holographic Tear Tape

The hologram tear tape is usually 1.5 mm to 5 mm wide and can be used in a variety of packaging products that require brand protection, brand image enhancement, and user experience improvement. They can also customize different logos, sizes, and security features.

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1.5mm to 8mm, accept customize


General/customize logo


Easy opening & Anti-counterfeit




ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS


Holographic tear tape is also known as optical, or laser tear tape and it is a great marketing tool where you can design your branding or company message in it.

Many different types of anti-counterfeiting features can be integrated into the hologram tear tape to ensure product and brand security. Such as micro text, optical lens, flip-flops, and so on.

hologram de-metalized tear tape with multiple specifications

Moreover, this laser tear tape is also combined with a high-precision demetallization process, which makes your product packaging more unique in appearance, rich in color, and difficult to imitate, providing sufficient security.

In addition to beautiful colors and high-quality de-metalization, this holographic anti-counterfeit tear tape also has the advantage of being easy to tear, which can help end users open the package easily without any tools, like scissors.

high precision slitting hologram tear tape

2mm laser anti-counterfeit tear tape



Material BOPP/PET
Film thickness 30/35/36um/customize
Color Customized
Pattern Available to be embedded with your logo
Glue type Single side acrylic
Width 1.5mm to 8mm



Easy opening

Visual appealing

Length of roll 5000m or customize
Application Tobacco, medicine, foodstuff, CD audio/video cassette, etc
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS
Samples Available

Security features

Some required information can be integrated into packaging tear tapes to promote your brand. Beautiful optical colors add the finishing touch to your current packaging. And it can use overt and covert security features to safeguard your products.

anti-counterfeit tear tape with many kinds of security elements (1) anti-counterfeit tear tape with many kinds of security elements (2)


This holographic PET tear tape is applicable to various soft and hard packaging products, including cigarettes, medicine, chewing gum, biscuits, cassette, and CD packages.

laser packaging tear tape applications

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