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How to Choose a Suitable Security Label for Products

Security labels are usually affixed to various packaging for promotion and brand protection, and the quality of the label directly affects the image of the brand, so you’d better choose a reliable, licensed company. Only formal enterprises can better protect brand safety, enhance brand image and prevent products from being copied. 

We have written an article about buying good quality hologram security stickers. Maybe it will give you some help.

There are also some consumers who want to know what kind of security label their products should choose. 

At present, there are many types of security labels on the market, the security technology is also different for unique requirements. In the face of these dazzling anti-counterfeiting materials, technology, and processing, how to choose appropriate security solutions for your own packaging products? Here are some suggestions.

1) For Tobacco, alcohol, and healthcare products, you can choose tamper evident holographic stickers, which provide visible marked evidence of tampering if removal of labels is attempted. They are difficult to imitate and easy to identify.

destructible tamper evident holographic stickers for the cigarette industry.

2) Digital electronic products, the types of labels available for digital electronic products are relatively wide, such as QR code security stickers and 3d holographic labels. There are a few tips here, if affixing the label on the electronic product itself, pay attention to the high-temperature resistance of labels because digital electronic products will generate a certain amount of heat during use.

QR code security stickers for headphone packaging box

3) For personal care and daily chemical products, there are also many choices. Such as digital security labels and personalized hologram stickers. The former can make it convenient for consumers to check the authenticity of the product through their mobile phone or our real-time chat. The latter is more intuitively recognizable. Each label has its own advantages, and customers can choose according to their own product needs.

Suzhou Image Company would like to remind you that any label should synchronize with your products and also match the packaging. Otherwise, it will affect the overall visual effect of the product, thereby affecting product sales. Therefore, choosing the right security label is still very important for the product.


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