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Four Ways to Integrate Hologram Overlays On ID Cards

Applying a hologram overlay to your card in the form of a protective layer is a great lamination solution to increase the security of your ID card while giving your card a brighter and more shiny look.

Suzhou Image’s laminating system is used for re-transfer printing and card laminating to protect high-quality security cards. And the texts and images of the holographic overlay can be customized so that the appearance of the hologram itself will be exclusive to your company.

hologram overlays for standard id cards

In general, custom image design is ideal for personal identification cards that meet the needs of large companies, administrations, and governments.

Currently, Suzhou Image offers four types of hologram overlays for standard ID card size.

16 micron hologram patch film with custom core

Patch hologram

A 16-micron hologram patch film was laminated to the card. The film is approx 1mm smaller than the card on each side. Scratch resistance is better. Mostly used for national ID cards and driving licenses. Need special lamination machine.

55 micron embedded hologram overlay for PVC card

Embedded hologram 0verlay

A 55-micron hologram overlay is embedded into different card substrates by using a huge type of lamination equipment. And then do personalized printing to protect the security of cards. Scratch resistance is great, but only a partial security pattern.

hologram heat transfer overlay for seamless lamination

Heat transfer hologram overlay

A 2-3 micron hologram layer transferred card. hologram overlay size is the same as the card size. Scratch resistance is not as good as Patch. Need special lamination machine.

adhesive hologram overlay sticker for cr80 card

Adhesive hologram overlay

It’s like a sticker that can be pasted onto a card manually. The hologram film size is 1mm smaller than the card on each side.

The difference between these four types of hologram overlays

The use methods and application effects of these four types of hologram overlays are different. The following table will help you clearly understand which one is better for you, or you tell us what effect you want to realize and ready to how to use it. I will recommend a suitable one for you.

Types of hologram overlaysMaterialFeaturesUse methodsApplication
Patch filmPETHigh scratch resistance Film can’t cover the card edge completelyPVC Card LaminatorForeign driving licenses
Embedded overlayPVC/PETGHigh scratch resistance Edge-to-edge lamination Partial security patternBulk production lamination equipmentID Card, Bank Cards, and welfare security cards
Heat transferPETWeak scratch resistance Edge-to-edge transfer No base filmSpecial card laminatorBook type passports
Self-adhesivePETHigh scratch resistance Film can’t cover the card edge completelyManuallyWorker ID cards and personal cards

We promise to ensure that your ID card has all the security and aesthetic features you need by integrating the hologram into your ID card. To learn more about the best hologram lamination solutions, contact us!


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