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Where to Buy Custom Holographic Overlays

The application of a custom holographic overlay is designed to ensure the security of your ID card. You will notice that the hologram image on the overlay can only be seen under a certain viewing angle so that basic ID information and photos cannot be affected or invisible.

roll form custom holographic overlay with high security features

The durable film material prevents the basic ID card information from being tampered with.

In addition to protecting the documents from forgery, these can overlay films provide proper wear protection for ID cards. Even with such a clear overlay, the data printed on the ID card is still clearly visible, and it will not make the ID card look difficult to distinguish.

Suzhou Image Technology provides a variety of stock and customized holographic overlay products to meet your specific requirements. At the same time, we are a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA).

qualification certificate (IHMA 2023, ISO9001 and ISO27001)

Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO27001 information security system review for several consecutive years. We have the ability to provide you with high-quality products and professional services.

A custom-made hologram overlay offers the most security to ensure your organization and clients from counterfeit ID identifications. Your custom text or logo is imprinted on transparent film material, the custom imprints must be unique.

For added security, our company maintains an imprint registry to assure your unique image is only available to your organization.

But custom designs are suitable for projects that require a high level of security performance. If only for basic anti-counterfeiting, generic holographic overlays can also meet your needs, it’s up to you.


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