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Three Points You Should Know About Holographic Laminating Pouches

The pass of various large activities is the only legal voucher for each participant. It is also the only on-site disposal basis for the security work to realize the entry and exit control and management of all participants in the designated event area.

In order to ensure that the activities can be carried out in a safe and orderly manner, all persons entering the venue must wear corresponding passes to prove their identities.

However, some lawbreakers obtained fake documents through illegal means and then entered the venue. This seriously threatens people’s safety.

In order to prevent credential information from being forged and tampered with, some major events, large conferences, and concerts mostly use holographic laminating pouches for security purposes.

holographic laminating pouches with anti-counterfeiting features and attractive appearance

The holographic lamination pouch provides some tamper-evidence, any attempts to open up a holographic layer will be destroyed, which leads to document visual changes and the pass will be determined as it was attempted to be imitated. And it offers your ID badges an effective combination of security and an attractive appearance.

Types of Laminating Pouches

There are two main types of laminating pouches on the market. One is the functional laminate pouch that needs to be protected but not frequently used, such as business licenses. The other is the hologram laminate pouch that has both protection and anti-counterfeiting functions, such as for major events and conferences.

the difference of ordinary and hologram laminating pouches

Ordinary laminating pouches are cheap, lack authority, do not consider beauty and anti-counterfeiting, and have no technical content. They are widely used in the preservation of documents, certificates, photos, etc.

Hologram laminating pouches comprehensively considers various factors, such as security and authority, and is more widely used in large-scale meeting pass, sports meeting pass, work pass, etc. It not only takes into account the practicality but also has a higher anti-counterfeiting function.

Features of Optical Laminate Pouches

The optical laminate pouch uses PET (Polyester film) as substrate, double-layer paired with single-sided sealing symmetrical envelope structure. The pass is strong after being laminated together with the hologram pouch, is not easy to crack, with waterproof, moisture resistant, fading resistant, tamper resistant, and long-term storage, and other advantages.

optical laminate pouch with laser engraving

Generally, the front layer with physical optical security design, and good transparency, which does not affect the display of credential information, fluorescent security ink, and laser engraving can also be made on the back layer. Meantime, it has a flexible size, a simple certification machine, and other features.

Applications of Holographic Lamination Pouches

A holographic lamination pouch is also called a laminating pocket for authentication documents. It’s an overlay, that can be used to laminate driver’s licenses, permits, conference documents, pass documents, concert tickets, representative cards, duty certificates, etc. It offers a high level of protection for ID cards and badges at an affordable price.

holographic lamination pouches for conference, pass documents, and parking permits

To meet unique requirements, the hologram laminating pouch can be customized with different sizes, thicknesses (5 mil, 10 mil, and 20 mil), designs, and security elements.

Various security protection is used for holograms (such as zero level light diffraction, UV ink, micro text, optical guilloche, etc.) while production of the holographic image, so if you know the authority body issued this document you will always be able to distinguish it from a fake.

Suzhou Image Technology has provided holographic laminating pouches for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Seafarer’s Passport, Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The response has also been recognized by the domestic and foreign industries.


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