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How Hologram Lamination Pouches Provide Authentication Protection for ID Cards and Event Passes

Hologram lamination pouches are made of two layers of pet film coated with EVA glue, which offers security protection & authentication of ID Cards & event accreditation passes. They are commonly used to laminate important documents, event ID badges, tickets, and parking permits.

The whole laminating process is simple, just requires a heat seal laminator, it can bond identity documents and ID hologram lamination pouches together. Special EVA glue and destructible material prevent any attempt to open without approval.

hologram lamination pouches for big event passes

Those lamination pouches are available to customize in different graphics, sizes, and thicknesses. They are a combination of visual appearance and security features, which make them more secure & attractive.

Lamination pouches types

Suzhou Image offers cold seal & heat seal laminate pouches for securing your ID Cards and documents.

Heat seal requires a pouch laminator, which can securely seal them together. If someone tries to open it, it will be self-destructive, avoid anti-tampering. Meanwhile, optical layers will make counterfeiting more difficult. Sophisticated optical techs protect what you want to be more secure.

difference between cold seal and heat seal laminate pouches

The cold seal can finish the lamination without any equipment, just manually. It’s very convenient to operate, and suitable for short-term certificates, such as election and concert events.

Prepare documents or cards, place your documents or cards into the pre-cut hologram pouch, then laminate while peeling off the release film, Finally, stick them together.

What thickness of laminating pouches is best?

10 mil pouches (7 mil pet and 3 mil glue) are the most widely used in many projects. Our company accepts custom services, they can come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes, logos & texts. Please see the below form, it will give you some advice.

ModelSize(mm)Material/Thickness in micron
Also can add other security features like: UV printing, Guilloche, Laser engraving, etc.

How to Laminate Hologram Pouches with Identity Documents and Event Passes?

The whole thermal laminating processing needs to be equipped with a pouch laminator, which will unit your documents together with pouches, here is a video.

Some Cooperation Projects Of Hologram Laminate Pouches Include (not limited to))

In recent years, Suzhou Image Technology Company has served many government projects, from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to the 2023 Central American Games, We have provided anti-counterfeiting solutions for more than 10+ large-scale international events.

lamination pouches for 2018 G20 Buenos Aires Summit
lamination pouches for 2018 Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games

Various overt and covert security features on the pouch for ID badge protection. It also combines fluorescent printing, laser engraving, and other processes. Attractive visual appearance and is difficult to counterfeit.


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