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Exploring Applications of High Temp Resistant Optical Hot Stamping Foils

High-temperature-resistant hot stamping foil is a high-security label applied through a positioning hot stamping process. It’s primarily used for various paper certificates, sensitive documents, and PVC or PETG ID cards, protecting these credentials from forgery.

High temperature resistant holographic hot stamping foil for sensitive documents

Typically supplied in roll form, the optical hot stamping foil features a continuous security pattern and a registration mark. The eye mark ensures that the hot stamping machine can accurately position and stamp the label image onto paper documents or ID cards.

Suzhou Image’s registered holographic hot stamping foil offers multiple anti-counterfeiting features. Once applied, it cannot be lifted or removed, providing robust protection for documents and IDs.

Similar to book-type transfer films, the optical information layer of security hot stamping foil is heat-resistant, withstanding temperatures of 200-220 degrees Celsius. This Temperature resistance means documents can be placed directly into a laser printer to add personalized information without damaging the original image.

Security stamping foils work well with laser printers

Positioned hologram hot stamping foils are commonly found on bank cards, visa pages, birth certificates, and diplomas. Besides their anti-counterfeiting properties, their colorful optical effects make verification easier.

The design of the foil logo is intricate. It requires careful attention to the eye mark position of the holographic anti-counterfeiting mark, maintaining consistent distance, no tolerance, and ensuring the label material is uniform, neat, and elastic. Therefore, the production process is sophisticated and of high quality.

To provide an accurate quote and understand your requirements, here are some frequently asked questions about optical stamping foils:

  1. What is the size and pattern of the hologram part?
  2. How much space is between two hologram parts?
  3. How much space is between the eye mark and the hologram part?
  4. What is the eye mark’s color (white or rainbow) and size?

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