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Three Ways to Apply Holograms to Various Cards

Currently, various types of identity theft and document forgery incidents are emerging one after another. Whether it is a government, organization, business, or school, there is an urgent need for a secure ID card solution.

Many companies use security ID cards to identify employees and prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the workshop or special area to protect company property security.

Suzhou Image Company’s ID card anti-counterfeiting solution plays an important role in enhancing the security of businesses and organizations. We fight counterfeiting primarily by adding holograms to cards.

security ID cards with holographic design

On the one hand, the unique optical pattern makes the card easy to identify; on the other hand, multiple anti-counterfeiting features can protect the card from being counterfeited and protect the interests of individuals and businesses.

Many customers are interested in the topic of how our holographic overlays can be applied to cards. Today I will introduce it to you in detail.

Our holograms are available in four forms, namely transfer film, laminate patch, embedded overlay, and cold lamination overlay. Due to different product characteristics, their usage methods are also different. Visit our blog Four Ways to Integrate Hologram Overlays on ID Cards for more details.

1, Use an ID card laminator to apply holograms to ID cards.

We provide two different types of laminating equipment, supporting transfer overlay and patch film respectively. We will provide the best solution according to your actual needs.

First, let’s introduce the ID card transfer overlay. After the personalized information is printed, use a laminating machine to melt the adhesive layer of the transfer overlay and transfer the optical anti-counterfeiting layer on the base film to the card.

edge to edge transfer overlay with matched id card laminating equipment

There is no base film on the surface of the security card after the transfer, providing edge-to-edge coverage to help prevent counterfeiting. The optical anti-counterfeiting layer and the card can achieve a perfect fit, making it more integrated and more beautiful.

Patch film uses PET as the base material, and the transparent layer with optical security information is bonded to the card body through a card laminating machine.

patch film with matched id card laminator

After lamination, there is a gap of about 1mm between the edges on both sides and the card body. The anti-counterfeiting layer after heating and pasting is not easy to peel off, and the surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, which can effectively prevent the card body information from being tampered with.

2, Use bulk production lamination equipment.

This lamination method is mainly suitable for embedded laminated films, which are generally used by card manufacturers for mass production.

the embedded laminate film with customized layouts

Our company mainly supplies large sheets of optical laminated film, and the card manufacturer will complete the personalized card information, lamination, and cutting, and finally make the card with embedded holographic patterns. Of course, we can also directly supply finished ID cards.

Usually, the personalized information on the card is located under the security pattern, so the card is highly secure, wear-resistant, and prevents the personalized information from being tampered with.

3, Manually apply holograms

This is the most affordable way to apply holograms to ID cards. Hologram patterns are available in standard and custom designs. View our blog the most affordable way to protect your card security for more details.

This kind of overlay is coated with a pressure-sensitive coating; we call it cold laminate overlay. It can be manually added to the ID card to increase the security and aesthetics of the ID card.

For basic anti-counterfeiting, a generic hologram is sufficient. For some large government projects and projects with high safety requirements, customized designs will be better.

For more questions about ID card lamination solutions, please contact our sales team and they will help you.


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