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The Most Affordable Way to Protect Your Card Security

We can see all kinds of cards in our daily lives, like staff IDs, access cards, student IDs, library cards, identity cards, healthcare, and social welfare card.

In order to make the card easy to identify and protect the security of personal information, consider using the custom hologram overlay to add additional security protection to your card.

Today we will introduce one of the most affordable ways, which is cold laminate holographic overlays, which can be easily applied to id cards, without any equipment.

50 um cold laminate holographic overlay, applied manually

It’s a thin film material that covers the surface of the card. The holographic pattern will change according to the light and angle of the viewing card.

On the one hand, its application makes the forgery of information difficult. On the other hand, it also makes the identification of documents easier, and the authenticity of the card can be recognized through visual recognition. In addition, they help protect the card from wear, fading, and scratches.

The hologram cold laminate overlay is also called peel and stick label, it’s a quick and easy way to add visual security to your existing cards, or for use with printers that cannot print holographic images.

It can be applied to various PVC or PET cards, like worker ID cards, and personal cards, mainly used for basic counterfeiting.

Peeling one angle of the thin transparent holographic overlay from silicon paper, aligning film and card position slowly, then peel off silicon paper while laminating the film with cards, till the film cover the card.

The size of the cold laminate overlay is smaller than CR80 cards 1mm for each edge. After lamination, the card surface has a strong ability to be resistant to scratches. Usage is convenient and flexible, just manually.


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