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The Application of Tear Tape is Critical to Your Business

As a packaging auxiliary material, tear tapes have always played an important role in the packaging industry. As we all know, there are many complex packaging materials in the market, so the strip also needs to be presented in different forms to suit different packaging applications, from the substrate, adhesive type, width, and roll size.

Suzhou Image has been producing optical tear tapes for more than a decade. Here we will introduce its different forms and application.

holographic tear tape for various packaging products

The optical tear tape is suitable for various industrial applications, such as cigarettes, tea, cosmetics, food (chewing gum, cheese, and chocolate packaging), pharmaceuticals, card, poker, audio, video tapes, and so on.

If you want to use it for the cigarette industry, suggest you choose this cigarette pack tear tape, It’s usually attached to the inner surface of a cigarette packing box for security authentication purposes.

For tea package products, please visit tea package tear tape, which is produced by the physical color rendering method, and can realize rich color changing the design. Using it on tea packaging can make the packaging beautiful, anti-counterfeiting, and easy to open.

In addition, it can also be used to seal the packaging of masks. It helps to authenticate facial mask products by lamination with packaging bags. Alternatively, it can be sandwiched between two layers of packaging films and then integrated.

Choosing the Right Tear Tape for Different Packaging.

1. Such as soft-packed products can use PET with low shrinkage and high strength, and hard packs generally use high-shrinkage materials, such as B0PP.

2. Pay attention to the matching of the material strength and the width of the tear tape. On the basis of the thickness of 30-36um, the general PET is not less than 1.5mm width, and the B0PP is not less than 2.0mm width.

3, Adhesive coating volume of tear tape, recommend the low adhesive volume for the high-temperature environment, and vice verse.

Suzhou Image provides a wide range of tear tapes for different package applications. For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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