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How to Make a Hologram Overlay

Nowadays, with the development of printing technology, various id forgery behaviors are also increasing rapidly. The application of hologram overlay can protect the security of your cards, documents, and certificates and prevent forgery. It has become one of the good anti-counterfeiting methods, realizing the dual security guarantee of vision and technology.

There are several types of holographic overlays available to improve the security of your ID card. It serves as a transparent protective layer to protect your personal data from being forged while ensuring that personal information is easy to identify and display.

transparent holographic overlays for id cards

If it is used for certain employee cards, library, or membership cards, it is recommended that you use our generic cold laminate overlay. The most popular designs are SECURE and Globe, but other designs can also be used.

If used for government, organization, or national projects, the hologram patch overlay and holographic embedded overlay will be better. These are thin rolls of film that can be applied on ID card surfaces by lamination printers.

Now that the holographic security film is such a great option for ID cards, let us learn more about how it is made.

production process of the id card hologram overlay

The production of the id card hologram overlay is a very complex process that requires special equipment and expertise. The equipment includes dot matrix equipment (record image), a wide-web embossing machine (emboss hologram image on the material, vacuum metalizing, and a coating machine.

However, if you need a hologram solution that is unique to your organization and guaranteed not to be replicated, you can make a custom order. Then the film will be based on your chosen design and security requirements and features.

customized version hologram overlay

The customized version of the hologram overlay has high-security performance and is mainly used for certain government projects and national ID cards. If you need custom graphics, you can send your artwork to us, and our designer will provide you with a holographic artwork for your confirmation.

As a very effective way to protect the security of the card, hologram id overlay cannot be copied by a scanner or by standard printing equipment. The production of holographic images has a technical threshold. Unlike printing, it can record real images in three dimensions.


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