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Application of Security Threads in the Clothing (Textile) Industry

Counterfeit market activities have developed rapidly around the world, seriously affecting the sales of leading global apparel brands. The optical security thread produced by Suzhou Image Company is one of the most effective means to combat counterfeit clothing products.

At present, some domestic and foreign clothing brands have begun to adopt this high-end anti-counterfeiting technology and means to protect their brand safety. Some domestic brands such as BOSIDENG, Mercury Home Textiles, and foreign brands such as GAP, ZARA, NE, and so on.

Detailed Information on Optical Security Threads


Security threads are linear, non-adhesive, and washable. The width is less than 1mm and contains nano-level micro text, which appears rainbow-colored under a specific light and integrates beautiful and security anti-counterfeiting.

Embed nano text into micro text, the hidden texts are visible under high power microscope


It can be used as woven tape, woven label, woven into textile products. Applicable to all kinds of clothing, shoes, and hats woven labels, can be used as a security identification of brand products.

high precision security thread with various specifications


VarietyMaterialWidthThicknessPacking specification
patterns registerPET0.7-1mm36um1000m/roll 16roll/carton
patterns randomPET0.7-1mm36um1000m/roll 16roll/carton  

Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

How to Use Security Threads to Protect Clothing Brands.

We know that there are woven labels on apparel products, woven labels are also called cloth labels, and the materials include non-woven fabrics, polyester, and cotton. The woven label security thread is generally used in polyester woven labels and cotton woven labels because it can be woven into the polyester thread and cotton thread during the production process of the woven label.

The holographic security thread is made into a weft thread and is knitted into the woven label to create a safety barrier to protect brand products. It has become one of the most effective ways for clothing companies, footwear companies, or daily textile companies to protect brands.

Upgraded Product, Slitting Thread is as thin as 0.7mm.

The 0.7mm security thread produced by our company is an upgraded product of optical thread, which is specially used for textile tape and woven labels. It is manufactured through a special process with a line width of 0.7mm and can carry custom text and graphics to achieve the dual functions of brand promotion and safety protection.

ultra-fine holographic thread with customized texts
ultra-fine holographic thread with customized texts

Of course, some customers also require 0.8mm and 1mm line widths. Maybe you will ask why 0.7mm is called high precision. Because the width of this type of product carries the textual information of the product. The wider the thread, the easier it is to do, and the more difficult it is to do otherwise.

The narrower the width, the higher the requirements for materials, design, and slitting technology. The thread also contains very fine micro-nano optical anti-counterfeiting information, so it is called a high-precision security thread.

Besides, Suzhou Image also produces thread wider than 1mm, we called tear tapes, which are mainly used for opening and unsealing products with transparent film packaging such as tobacco, medicine, cosmetics, tea, poker, chewing gum, and so on.

If you have a need for a security solution for clothing brands, please contact us.


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