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Hologram Stickers Help Fight the Fake Auto Parts

In recent years, with the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, automotive transportation has basically become a daily demand for every family. Following this, the market demand for auto parts-related products is also growing rapidly.

Market demand has promoted the rapid development of the automobile industry, and has also created a broad market space for the auto parts industry. At the same time, counterfeiters have turned their attention to this industry.

fighting the counterfeit auto spare parts

1, Why does the auto parts industry use hologram stickers?

Unlike name-brand bags, a car is a lot bigger to counterfeit. It is definitely not easy to fake the whole vehicle, this is why many counterfeiters fake as many little parts as possible.

According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the counterfeit auto-part sector is valued at around $12 billion a year and approximately 80%.

Fake auto parts products will not only damage corporate reputation and brand credibility, but as a component of car operation, the counterfeit auto parts, such as car seats, gears, and transmissions can even cause vehicle failures and result in immeasurable loss of life and property.

Custom tamper proof hologram stickers are particularly important in how to solve the rampant chaos of counterfeit and inferior products in the auto parts industry and effectively protect the interests of enterprises and consumers.

tamper proof hologram stickers for automotive industry

Tamper-evident material protects products from being counterfeited! Once the sticker itself is applied to a designated position, it will be destroyed while peeled off from the original place, thus providing obvious evidence of tampering.

2, Three security solutions for the automotive industry.

1) Affixing a QR hologram sticker to each auto part allows consumers to quickly identify the authenticity of auto parts products, and manufacturers can also implement a gamut of supply chain management.

Combined with the QR code traceability system, it further demonstrates to consumers that the entire process of product traceability from production to sales is realized, providing reliable digital information for regulatory authorities and consumers, and increasing the credibility of products. 

2) Hologram as part of the label, your logo, and company information can be embedded into the hologram pattern. And then combine custom printing (QR code, barcode, and personalized information can be printed).

hologram part is hot stamped on self adhesive printing label

3) Complete hologram background. In terms of design, the personalized anti-counterfeiting style of the corporate brand can be customized according to the characteristics of the auto parts products to highlight the brand image.

custom logo hologram sticker for automotive lubricants

At the same time, various overt, covert, and forensic anti-counterfeiting functions can be implanted according to the requirements of the security level to raise the difficulty and cost of forgery.

How does the hologram sticker work in the auto parts industry?

Our hologram stickers can be printed with digital QR codes to help increase the difficulty and cost of forgery and protect your business and products from fraudsters.

On the one hand, consumers can scan the QR code on their mobile phones to enter the verification page, and easily check the authenticity of the product. Event some product names, production dates, and manufacturer information can also be obtained to further strengthen the bond with the company.

At the same time, it can also help auto companies organize their spare parts suppliers, and realize the tracking and control of production, logistics, sales, and other links.

Compared with the normal label, hologram stickers have obvious advantages, it is difficult to copy, high efficient anti-counterfeiting, easy to verify, and can effectively help companies improve their brand image.

In addition to the auto parts industry, our company also provides security solutions for many other industries’ products. If you are in demand, please feel free to contact our sales team.


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