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Why are Products with Hologram Labels Marked as Original?

Hologram labels are produced using a high-resolution dot matrix system. Without the original optical master, it is difficult to duplicate a label exactly like the original. Counterfeiting is extremely difficult and expensive. Therefore, holographic labels are a safe and convenient way to authenticate products.

Today, you can find more and more holographic labels used in almost every product, from toys, food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics to the cosmetics industry.

Holographic labels suitable for different industries

For brands, it is essential to cater to the market and meet customer demands. As consumer safety awareness increases, brands aim to convey through hologram stickers that they are committed to providing genuine products, giving customers confidence that their money is being spent on worthwhile products.

Due to the embedded anti-counterfeiting technologies, hologram labels can better protect product security. Besides, it also attracts customers’ attention with its shiny and eye-catching features. Pasting such a hologram security label on brand packaging not only helps customers quickly identify the brand but also helps the brand build awareness in the market.

It’s difficult for common people to distinguish whether a product is original or fake. Optical hologram labels are a direct and effective means of product authentication. The key is that its entire production process is quite sophisticated, thus making it very difficult to false. 

In the following, we will explain why our hologram labels can be used as a verification method. How can they guarantee the original?

Firstly, Suzhou Image does not replicate existing holograms or produce counterfeit certificates and identity documents. We aim to assist our clients in creating secure holograms that are difficult for others to counterfeit. This is a fundamental principle of our company.

Second, our company has multiple security elements that can be incorporated into label products, including overt, covert, and forensic features. These different levels of security meet unique market needs. At the same time, custom designs further provide a high level of protection for brands and products.

In addition, for enhanced security, the holographic images will be embossed using tamper-evident materials that self-destruct upon tampering. Once applied to a fixed location, any effort to remove or tamper with them will lead to their self-destruction. These are referred to as hologram tamper proof labels.

Holographic tamper-proof sticker, any unauthorized transfer will result in residue

This kind of label adds additional security features to products to combat counterfeiting. Destructive patterns can be “VOID”, “Honeycomb”, “Anti-tampering cutting “, or “Fragile paper”. Additionally, other custom designs are possible.

Since 2001, Suzhou Image Technology has been dedicated to researching and developing security hologram solutions for commercial brands. Our company offers comprehensive solutions, including graphic design, master development, production, delivery, and after-sales services.

Suzhou image technology company, one of the IHMA member

In addition, we are also a member of IHMA and China Anti-Counterfeiting Association and own more than 20 intellectual property rights in related technical fields.

Our company strictly adheres to the ISO9001 quality management and ISO27001 information security system. Stable product quality and strict confidentiality agreements have helped us win orders from many first-line brands at home and abroad.

IMAGE’s holographic labels can achieve high resolution, high anti-counterfeiting, and beautiful designs that are difficult to achieve with other ordinary labels. Check out the differences between holographic labels and regular labels to learn more!

And then, maybe some people will ask if my products use the custom hologram label produced by your company, will it be 100% impossible for others to copy it?? To answer your concerns, we have written an article “Can Anti-counterfeit Labels Keep My Brand Safe? “. If you have any questions about brand authentication and protection, contact us any time!


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