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Suzhou Image Rolls Out Holographic Labels for Windshield Application

A vehicle windshield label is a unique safety symbol on your car’s windshield. Mainly used for vehicle registration, identification, insurance, entry and exit management, and vehicle-related information identification.

It is usually made in the form of a self-adhesive sticker that is applied to the front windshield area of ​​the car. The holographic windshield sticker allows enforcement authorities to identify whether the vehicle has completed its annual inspection, paid the appropriate fees (including road tax and insurance tax), and the legal status of the vehicle.

the holographic windshield sticker for vehicle authorities

On the one hand, it protects government tax revenue, on the other hand, it also ensures traffic safety and prevents car theft.

The application of holographic windshield labels plays a very important role in the security protection of the country and personal property. Vehicle authorities also have very high requirements for this kind of label used on cars.

Security features of vehicle windshield hologram sticker

Windshield stickers can be designed and customized one-to-one according to personal needs, such as logos, serial codes, QR code printing, etc. Typically, these labels are made of special tamper-resistant materials, and any unauthorized tamper or transfer will result in the label itself being destroyed, indicating fraud. In addition, labels have many other security features.

1, Hologram image

Car windscreen labels with holographic images allow for quick visual recognition and are almost impossible to replicate, even if they have the same production equipment. So they can ensure your windshield sticker is highly secure.

2, Color printing

Usually, the front of the car windscreen tag uses a holographic design and is combined with various customized printings, such as blue, purple, green, yellow, etc., to facilitate inspectors to quickly identify the vehicle’s performance of its duties. Regarding the printer, as the label base material is polyester, therefore gravure printing is more common for color printing on the windshield label.

3, Tamper protection

optical car windscreen label with laser numbering and tampering feature

Anti-tamper technology is widely used and has anti-transfer properties. Once the label is affixed to a specific area of the car windscreen, there is no guarantee that the tag can be moved without being damaged. Often there will be signs of honeycomb or VOID indicating forgery. This depends on the type of tamper-resistant material you end up using.

4, Serialization

Each sticker is serialized with a unique code; It can be a QR code or readable serial numbering printing. The inspector can read this information for vehicle recording and management.

Suzhou Image Technology rolls out high-security holographic windshield labels, providing excellent security solutions for vehicle identification. It can be combined with an RFID chip to achieve remote tracking and verification.

The next post will introduce you to the features and applications of RFID windshield labels in detail. If you have any questions about vehicle identifications, you can contact our sales team, who will provide optimal solutions according to your requirements.


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